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Workout: Morning or Evening?

Do you wonder whether morning workout’s are better or the evening workouts? Whichever group you fall into, there is a good news. Turns out both workout times are beneficial and a suitable workout timing depends on your schedule, lifestyle and when your energy levels are highest.Burning 500 calories in the morning is not different from burning 500 calories in the evening. Both workouts can adjust to your schedule and give effective & desired results. Morning workouts help you

stick to your plan and there is less possibility of you missing it due to your daily routine. Also, research shows that the mind sharpness increases for 4-10 hrs after your workouts. It may help you concentrate better. On the down side, you may feel a little stiff before your morning workouts. So, ensure you warm up correctly before you workout.

Work through out the day warms up our muscles during the daily activities, helpful for a more intensive workout session. Muscles are warmed up and pretty much stretched. After a hard days work, an evening workout can help you get relief of the stress, as exercise is a great stress reliever. Performing a late evening workout can disrupt you sleep pattern due to the revved up metabolism after the workouts.

So, stop wasting your time in choosing between the morning or evening workouts. Just get going. Exercise is healthy for you anytime and most importantly if you want to loose those extra kilos hanging around your belly. If you can’t workout on your own or if not much of a fitness freak then start with our boot camp and personal training programs. We can help you start.

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