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Will extra protein help build more muscle?

So many people are talking about protein, from celebrities to fitness trainers, to people building body to anyone trying to get fit. Suggestion to eat meats, plant based food and protein supplements come in plenty when it comes to building muscles and getting fit. But do you require that much of protein in your diet to add the muscle mass to your body. The calorie intake has to be monitored carefully whether you want to build  muscle mass or just lose some weight.


Protein helps build muscles mass and is the building block for our body. Muscle, skin, hair etc are made up of protein and plays a role in all the cells in our bodies. Our bodies cannot synthesis all the amino acids present in protein, so external sources are required to fulfill it. It is important to understand protein and not consider it as a supplement to your normal diet. The intake of protein increases your calorie intake as one gram of protein
provide 4 calories.

If you exercise or are training your body, you are using the muscles to work. The muscles require protein for wear and tear and repair of tissues present in it. 1.2 gram per kg is recommended for active bodies for muscle maintained and 1 gms per kg for inactive bodies as they have least muscle involvement. Those on a rigid exercise pattern can increase it by 20 – 25% for muscle repair and maintain the growth of the muscle.

Protein solely is not the driving factor in building muscles but requires carbohydrates for energy during workouts and healthy fats to help optimise hormonal levels, like promoting testosterone growth for improved muscle repair and growth. There has to be a balance between the intake and consumption.

What happens to the extra protein consumed. If you believe in the myth that eating extra protein will add muscle mass then you are going for a toss and accumulating fat in your body. The body will process according to the requirement of the muscle and the extra protein will get saved as fat in your fat cells. The metabolic benefit of eating too much protein, is counteracted by the fat storage from it. Anything extra that the body consumes above it requirements gets stored and that is why most people fail to meet their objective of a strong muscular body.

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