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Why Do Some People Never Get Fat?

You surely know a few people around you who are extremely thin and eat much more than you do but never get fat. They eat all kinds of foods and never add an inch to their waistline. Well just to make you feel better its because there are certain enzymes in our bodies which regulate the body metabolism. When these enzymes are not present in the body it keeps a man thin says a study.

The enzyme MGAT2 is found in the intestines and determines the fate of our food by regulating how it is metabolized: It either makes fat go straight to your waistline, or converts it into energy. Scientists in California have discovered that when mice are missing the gene for MGAT2, they can eat whatever they want and never have to worry about getting fat.

Another common misconception amongst people is that thin people have a high metabolism. People with high metabolism aren’t necessarily thin. If you have a high metabolism it only leads to a bigger appetite and high calorie intake. Even the fastest metabolism hardly burns maximum of 3000 calories in a day. So high metabolism is not a reason enough and doesn’t work especially if you are eating more than what your body is burning.

It is also not because of fat cells. Fat cells store fat and multiply only from child hood to adult hood and thereafter it increases in size and doesn’t multiply. So there is  limitation to its increase and multiplication and thus a void belief.

Leave all these myths behind and concentrate on your body and understand its metabolism and pattern. Getting thin and slim is not difficult if you can manage your intake, nutrition and metabolism of food. If busy schedule and lifestyle leaves no time for you to manage your diet and exercise, then look for a professional help to get yourself on the right track.

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