Which is the healthiest chocolate?

Chocolate is considered junk food, but it can be healthy- read this. Chocolate comes in so many different forms, but in its basic types, there are basically three- white, milk and dark, in the order of increasing cocoa content.

Photo- White, Milk and Dark Chocolate

Photo- White, Milk and Dark Chocolate

We talked about how cocoa contains flavanoids, which are basically heart healthy compounds. Between dark, milk and regular chocolate- dark contains the highest amount of cocoa, then its milk and then its white. Read our previous post on dark chocolate.

Milk chocolate usually contains higher amount of sugar than dark chocolate. And, white chocolate actually does not contain cocoa. It is made from cocoa butter, milk and sugar.

Between milk, white and dark chocolate, their calorific value from sugar and fat is about the same, but flavanoid packed dark chocolate comes out a winner in this race.

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  • prachi

    Sometimes post the workout food doesn’t satiate me. But a small piece of chocolate completely hits the spot. I think its ok to indulge in a small piece of chocolate to get the “closure” otherwise one will get tempted to binge.

  • http://deleted ajay sharma

    nice article

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