Which is the Healthiest Diet Sugar Substitute?

Diet sugar and diet foods are a part of every household today. These foods contain artificial sweeteners or low calorie sweeteners. They give you the satisfaction of eating a sugary treat, but without the calories. Diet sugar may be the key to satiate those sugar cravings, but are they good for your health? Artificial sweeteners contain a variety of chemicals. Long term consumption of these might cause health side effects.

There are various types of artificial sweeteners. The most commonly used ones being Aspartame, Saccharin and Sucralose. Stevia is a natural low calorie sweetener which is slowly gaining popularity. But which is the healthiest artificial sweetener?

Photo- Sugar

Over the next series of articles, we will consider each one of these and analyse them in more detail. Here’s the one on Aspartame and Saccharin.

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