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Cancer Risk Reducing Indian Foods-2

Continuing our series on Indian foods that reduce risk of cancer, here is the remaining list of such common foods

Studies of people from Southern Europe who eat a diet high in garlic and onions (allium vegetables- garlic, onions, leeks) show a direct relationship with a reduced risk of many common cancers.
So, enjoy the raw onions in your salad, or with your protein packed kebabs.

Multiple studies published by cancer institutes have concluded that lycopene, the active chemical in tomatoes, lowered the risk of many different cancers, particularly prostate, breast, lung and colon cancer.
The good news: cooking tomatoes seems to enhance the effects of lycopene, so even tomato sauce has health benefits!

The dark colors of blueberries, raspberries and cranberries come from phytochemicals that protect you from various types of cancer. Blueberries and muscadine grapes contain compounds that recent research shows cause cancer cells in the liver to self-destruct. In studies particularly important to women, cranberries have recently been discovered to be an important weapon in the fight against deadly ovarian cancer. Studies reported at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society found that ovarian cancer cells that were becoming resistant to platinum chemotherapy, the standard pokies of care for ovarian cancer, became six times more sensitive when exposed to a compound in cranberries. The anti-cancer properties of these berries are so strong that researchers have started developing concentrated supplements and other products such as purees and concentrates.

Green Tea
We”ve told you much about health benefits of Green Tea, and how you can lose weight with green tea. Besides that the catechins in green tea have been known to prevent and reduce recurrence of breast and other cancers. University of Mississipi study shows that a green tea chemical known as EGCG inhibits breast tumor growth. EGCG seems to have other benefits, such a stimulating brown fat, which helps you lose weight. Read this to know about brown fat and its benefits.

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