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Cancer risk reducing Indian foods-1

You might know that Indian food is healthy, but did you know some of the regular foods you eat can actually help you fight cancer:


The orange-yellow spice turmeric, is a common ingredient in Indian food, and in recent years, has come out on top in the fight against cancer. Trumeric contains the ingredient, Curcumin, that’s a powerful antioxidant and contains cancer fighting properties. Researchers at Ohio State University concluded that curcumin demonstrated anti-cancer effects at virtually all stages of tumor development. Researchers in Europe have been studying curcumin’s properties and concluded that it prevents and slows tumor cell growth. See more health benefits of Turmeric.
Note: Cancer patients shouldn’t load their diets with turmeric or consume curcumin supplements without their doctor’s consent.

Over 30 different studies have shown the anti-cancer properties of garlic. The strongest evidence so far has focused on digestive cancers, but garlic appears to protect against all types of cancer, including breast and prostate.  An analysis of seven different large-scale population studies showed that the more raw and cooked garlic a person consumed, the lower their risk of stomach and colorectal cancer; One study found that middle-aged women who regularly consumed garlic had a 50 percent lower risk of developing colon cancer. Scientists have isolated two active ingredients in garlic, allicin and allyl sulfur, and demonstrated that they prevent and fight cancer in both animals and humans.
So, add crushed, fresh garlic to your meals whenever possible.

If you’re worried about garlicky breath after your meal, have a mint, or brush your teeth. If you can’t do that, then you can take garlic in supplement form but the capsules must be enteric-coated to protect these active ingredients.

Cabbage and  Brocolli
In 2008, a British study that showed that men with early signs of developing prostate cancer prevented tumor growth by eating broccoli four times a week. Other studies have shown anti-cancer benefits from eating cabbage, brussels sprouts, and other cruciferous vegetables.
Brocolli might not be a big Indian vegetable, but its getting popular in India :)

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