What and When to Eat before Exercise Workout?

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Now that you know why you should eat before a workout, we’ll tell you what to eat before exercise and a workout. The basic rule of a pre-workout snack or pre-exercise meal is that it should be easily digestible to provide you sustained energy for your workout. Whether its yoga, or running, or hitting the gym, the right pre-workout snack matters.

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What to eat before exercise- PreWorkout Meal

What does that mean- easily digestible snack? To be easily digestible, it should be low in fat; because fat slows the digestion process.

To provide sustained energy, it should have a combination of protein and carbohydrates. The protein will feed your muscles through your workout, and the carbohydrates will fuel your workout for energy. To make sure that it is sustained energy, it should not be simple carbohydrates, like sugar. If it is high on simple carbohydrates, then it will make your blood sugar shoot up before your workout, and a resulting sugar crash- as a result, you will feel lethargic even before your workout. Also, consumption of simple carbs promotes fat storage in the body.

When should you eat a pre workout snack? A pre workout snack should be eaten 30-50 minutes before your workout. This will give your body enough time to process the food.

What should you eat for a pre workout snack? There are plenty of snacks that can be eaten before a workout, but here are some of our favourite: oatmeal and milk, whey protein shake and fruits, choco smoothie, strawberry banana smoothie, chicken sandwich.

How much should you eat for a preworkout snack? This can vary based on the intensity of your workout and your body size, but basically, it should supply 150-250 calories. Smaller people should be on the lower end of that scale, and large muscular athletes should be on the higher end. Make sure not too eat too much, or it will literally hold you down. For a strenuous workout like a marathon, we have nutrition tips for marathon runners.

How to keep yourself well hydrated for the workout? Drink 16 ounces of water at least 45-60 minutes before a strenuous workout. That way, it will leave your system before the workout and keep you hydrated. Try to carry a bottle of water, and keep sipping, so it keeps your hydrated.

Now you know about your diet before your exercise session, whether its running, yoga, gym, or any type of workout. See this for more information on pre workout snack for muscle building. Watch out for the next article on what to eat after your exercise, and how soon should you eat after your workout!

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  • Abhay


    I am 40, 5.11′ tall and weigh 88 Kgs. I have been drinking and smiking since almost 20 years. I have recently started working out. I do intermitent jog(1 min)-walk(1 min ) for 30 mins followed by weights. I am an indian(maharashtrian). can u please give me a diet plan for me?,and also somebody told me that is whey protien good?,somebody told me it contains oestrogen,is it true? I m doing to this to get leaner and increase muscle at the same time.

  • http://fitho.in Fitho

    We believe that high quality whey protein supplements are safe. Soy and soy products can promote estrogen in the body.

  • Sonny Mat

    iam a south indian . i started dieting a month ago and ateend the gym regularly, i also go for a morning walk for about 45 minutes.my diet usually will be oats, plantain,brown bread,and lime tea with honey in de mornin
    i have lost 5 kg within 1 month but i dont feel as if i have lost any weight as my shirts and pants are tight the way they were b4
    is this bcos i havint lost my fat but have lost muscle mass

  • http://fitho.in Fitho

    @Sonny, You could’ve lost some muscle mass, but having lost 5 kgs, you should see some difference in your physical appearance, and thus your clothes.
    if you have any questions, email us at neha@fitho.in, or answers@fitho.in

  • pranay

    i m 24 year old , m veg , resiliently i joint a
    fitness class (Jim) , my wight is 65kg, i have problem related to my diet,please suggests me
    what i will do,and how i will grow my stamina
    my e-mail id is – dhannani@hotmail.com
    thanking you

  • http://fitho.in/fitho-plans/weight-loss-plans-diet-exercise/http://fitho.in/2010/02/23/is-chaat-healthy-how-many-calories/#comments Fitho dietician

    When implemented properly and consistently, strategic pre- and post-workout supplementation can greatly increase the effectiveness of your training.

    Pre-workout nutritional strategies are based on providing alternative energy substrates (mainly carbohydrate) to preserve energy stores, and taking advantage of increased blood flow to muscle tissue: eat Oat and milk, fruit shake, Milk with protein supplements

    This will help you increase your stamina while exercises and increasing the output.

  • james

    can any buddy help me i am 29 yrs old boy 5’11 90 kg athelit body i use to go to from last 3yrs gym regularly but there is not result on my stomuch i dont hv fat anywhere else except my tummy plz tell me what diet should i tk i am nonvegitarian – I have back pain problem also so cant do any abs execrsises .

  • http://fitho.in/fitho-plans/weight-loss-plans-diet-exercise/ Fitho dietician

    In addition to regular exercise, add some fat burning foods to your diet to help trim your waistline. Foods high in protein and fiber like milk, oats etc are the best kinds of food to eat if you want to burn fat around your middle.

  • a.hassan

    i am diabetic since 5 years, but a body builder, go 5 days a week to gym, i follow low fat diet, but day by day my stamina is getting less,

    plus my muscle mass are getting lus I mean its not intact with bone and my face is looking older than 40 when I am less than 40. Is it due to diabetic, if so , what shall I do in diet , any cosmetic application or change in body building plan.

    I take amino acids suppliments which is pro-3000 2 TAB before gym. My wish is that , I want to look young, fit & stamanized.

    Best Regards,
    Saudi Arabia

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