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Weight Loss Workouts

Get workouts for weight loss sitting at home! Yes you heard us right. Fitho’s Weight loss program gives you a diet plan with a free exercise routine that has fat burning workouts that can be done at home.

This personal training program that tells you how much to exercise and what diet chart should be followed for effective fat loss. This especially designed fat burning workout is a combination of different sets of exercises like interval training, strength training and cardio training that help you get weight loss you are looking for.

Let us tell you how the different combination of exercises makes up for the most effective weight loss workout routine:

Strength Training: Its the most important element of any weight loss workout routines that helps lose weight and build muscular strength. It uses resistance training to help workout out specific body parts resulting in effective weight loss. Strength training is safe for both men and women of all ages and can be worked according to ones physical ability. This form of fat loss workout is also recommended to people with health problems like diabetes, arthiritis, osteoporosis and heart diseases.

Interval Training: Short burst of high intensity training for a short period of time is known as Interval Training. Interval training helps in burning fast calories and is highly effective for someone who is looking to get into shape fast.

Cardio Training: Did you know that cardio has a high calorie burning ratio per minute. Best way to increase the fat loss with exercise is to add a combination of cardio training with interval training. Cardio is also the best weight loss workout as it helps with over all body toning and it is the one stop shop to target all problem areas to lose weight simultaneously.

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