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20 Weight Loss Tips That You Can Use Now!

Looking to lose weight? You have reached the right place. Here are some easy to follow tips that will make you start losing weight within a week!

First thing first you have to understand weight loss is simple math. Which means you need to burn more calories than you consume. But if you are not too much into exercise then you need to eat smart to ensure that you are not consuming extra calories which are not required by the body. All this sounds complicated but its not. All you need to do is understand the simple weight loss tips given below and apply a new tip a day to see results.

Are you ready? Lets get started

Easy Weight loss tips:

  1. Start your day with at least 2 glasses of cold water. It will help detox and boost your metabolism instantly.
  2. Avoid white bread or maida in your diet
  3. Stay away from high sodium foods like fast foods, chips, namkeens etc
  4. Have at least a cup of green tea a day.
  5. Have a fruit for your mid morning snack
  6. Drink only water when thirsty or feeling hot.
  7. Eat a bowl of raw vegetable salad with fresh lime ten minutes before your meals. It will prevent you from overeating during the meal.
  8. Give into your sugar craving by biting into a fresh seasonal fruit. It will give you the same sugar kick but with multiple health benefits & half the calories.
  9. Exercising or brisk walking in the morning is more effective for weight loss.
  10. Don’t allow yourself to indulge just because you exercised. Infact you should refrain from eating junk because you know that exercising is a lot of hard work.
  11. Control your tea or coffee intake by substituting it with a cup of hot water or green tea.
  12. Climbing 50 stairs a day helps boost metabolism & burn fat!
  13. Your favourite food can be cooked in a healthy way. Find the right recipe so that you can continue eating what you love.
  14. Missing meals to lose weight is outdated. Why starve when you can eat right & lose weight
  15. Avoiding eating while watching TV. Your mind is too distracted to process how much you are eating. 
  16. If you are constantly dreaming about food then find distractions to help your mind focus on things other than food. 
  17. Even low fat or so called “healthy” foods have calories. Just because they appear healthy or low fat does not mean you can overeat them.
  18. In case you overeat during one meal try to drink lots of water and keep your next meal very light.
  19. Try going for walk post dinner. It will help in digestion & burn a few calories.
  20. Sleeping on time and getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep at a stretch really helps keep the weight in check.

Hope these easy weight loss tips will help you lose weight & get fit!

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