Pregnancy Weight Loss- Back to Skinny Jeans
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Pregnancy Weight Loss- Back to Skinny Jeans

About: 32 year old Vibha (Singapore), gained 15 kgs for her second baby. With the Post Pregnancy plan, she lost the extra weight and could fit into her skinny jeans back.

“When I left the hospital after having given birth to my second child, I looked like I was still 4-5 months pregnant. I had come to despise the way I looked. I intentionally started wore clothes that hid my pregnancy belly, baggy t shirts and the most ridiculous track suit bottoms.”

“I wanted to reduce the bulge around my abdomen. Until a friend of mine told me about how she lost her post-pregnancy weight with Fitho. I was reluctant in the beginning as I was to feed the baby and some weight loss diets might adversely affect it. To my amazement the diet planned put the allowance for the feeding also.”

“When I started my diet and exercise the changes started happening so rapidly I quickly forgot my worries and anxieties. The simple exercises I learn’t to do following Fitho were so easy but so amazingly effective. The best part was they could be done at home, without the need for any equipment. I did them after the new born was slept.”

“Before I knew it I was back in to my old clothes and into my favorite jeans. How I wish I would have tried the Fitho programs, after my first child.”

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