Post Pregnancy Weight Loss - Tanya
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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss – Tanya

About: 28 year old, Tanya gained a lot of weight in her first pregnancy. She lots significant weight and inches to regain her pre pregnancy shape.

“During my first pregnancy however, I was treated royally, being given the foods that I wanted to have and at the best times that I wanted to have. As a result after my delivery, I had an excess weight of 9-10 kgs. Being slim all my life , I wanted to get back to my orignal shape. A full year had passed and my continued efforts could not produce any satisfactory result.

With Fitho’s Post Pregnancy Weight Loss plan, I found the best solution for my weight loss. With their personalied routine, I could manage to get back in perfect shape within 3 months. The loss was not only in kg but also in inches.

The best part, I feel about Fitho is their follow-up on thier members. Their recommended routine changes with time and results. I therefore recommend Fitho to all, as my experience has been quite fruitful.”

Tanya’s name and photograph has been held back for reasons of privacy of our clients.

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