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PCOS Weight Loss Success Story- Ish

About: Ish is a vibrant 27 year old food industry professional with PCOS. Due to the PCOS and medication, her weight had increased significantly, and it was very difficult to lose weight.

Her testimonial- “After all the holidays, I really needed to lose some weight and get back into my swimsuit. But my PCOS has made it very difficult for me to lose weight. I tried multiple diets and exercise programs, but it would lead to some weight loss, and then it would return. But then I joined the Fitho plan and the combination of diet & exercise worked really well for me.

Within 6 months, I was in great shape. It was really surprising not just for me but even my family, who has seen me struggle for years- going up and down on the weighing scale.

The personal coaching that Fitho provided was brilliant- in the sense that I didn’t need to visit a place every week. I could reach out to them whenever I needed to. The diet and the exercise was available on my phone, so even when I was eating out, I could see my nutrition plan. I could see the exercises on my phone in the park, or in the gym!

“It worked brilliantly. I lost weight without starving and thinking about food all day long”

Ish’s full name and photograph has been held back for reasons of privacy of our client.

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