Lean, Fit & Toned for Wedding- Shikha
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Lean, Fit & Toned for Wedding- Shikha

About: 26 year old female, getting married in 1 month. Wanted to lose weight and look really fit for her wedding.

“There’s abundant information on the web, in books, on how to lose weight and become fit but what’s missing is the advantage of having someone customize a plan that works for you. It’s important to know which exercise will impact which part of your body and how. Similarly, it’s equally important to know which foods to eat, which to avoid and the reasons behind doing so. For example, everyone knows alcohol makes you gain weight, of course! But not everyone tells you what happens when you consume alcohol, how it gets stored or how much quantity is ‘okay’.

At Fitho, getting the right information is easy and the combination of diet and workout health plans are extremely effective! I had lost some weight myself, but I needed to tone up without going on a crash diet. Fitho worked out a diet and exercise plan that was suited to my timings, needs and food habits. It was fun and the result – I am fitter than I have ever been!”

Fitho, on Shikha: Shikha came to Fitho, 4 weeks before her wedding. Our Combination plan (diet and exercise) was so effective, she got her wedding dress resized twice! It was a healthy diet that was easy to follow in her busy schedule, and Shikha loved it. She didn’t want to go to the gym, so we gave her a home exercise plan, that made her lean and fit. It was so effective she even lost weight on her honeymoon!

Shikha’s full name and photograph has been held back for reasons of privacy of our clients.

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