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Fitness Plateau to Model Body

Jitendra Soni, at 33 yrs old was suffering from BP/Cholesterol and weighed 99 kgs. Even though he worked out often, he was unhealthy. See how Fitho transformed his body from pot bellied average guy to a model body.

Name: Jitendra Soni
Location: Tunisia, Africa
Age: 35 yrs
Height: 5’11”
Before: 99 kg
Weight Loss: 21Kg
Weight: 77-78 Kg

At just 33 i started suffering from High BP and high cholesterol. The reports caught me off guard as I wasn’t prepared to be informed that my body is not in its top form.The seriousness of my health struck me when my cholesterol levels rose to 250 range. After consulting the doctor  I was told that due to bad eating habits, irregular lifestyle and high consumption of alcohol i had managed to push my body in this unfit state of affair.  The doctor pacified me by telling me changing my lifestyle and getting on to a healthy  diet and exercise routine will help me reverse this condition by control and improve cholesterol levels. It gave me a momentary relief to know that I wouldn’t have to live on medicines for the rest of my life.

Just when I thought it was as simple as exercising and dieting, things did not look so easy when i tried to get down to it. The most difficult part was getting started and changing my eating habits. I would promise myself each day that I will start eating right and exercising from tomorrow onwards. But as always tomorrow never came. It was a herculean task to finally get started after all the procrastinating.

It started off on a slow pace. Gradually my body started to respond to my healthy lifestyle shift. All the stuff that i had heard about body releasing “happy hormones” when you exercise seemed to come true. I saw i was slowly losing weight but most importantly was i feeling great!  This new transition made me feel on top of the world. What I realized is that this feel good factor then became my motivation to continue this new healthy lifestyle routine. Hard work eventually paid off. In less than six months my cholesterol levels were down to 180 range.

This new lifestyle worked well for me. Now that I was feeling good and healthier I wanted to push myself to get into a better shape physically. With limited information at hand I had managed to get healthier but in terms of weight loss and body toning had hit a plateau.

Thats when I consulted Fitho to help me overcome the plateau and help me get the body shape I want.

Fitho understood my requirement and lifestyle and set out to work with me over a period of  4 months to help me get my dream physique. With ease they helped me overcome my fitness plateau. Most important thing that I learnt over my association all the mistakes that I was making and all the myths that become huge obstacles. The best part of the routine was I had a healthy diet and i didn’t have to slog for hours in the gym. The training was simple, easy and very effective.

When you reach your goal, you will feel powerful, invincible, that you can achieve whatever you want in life. Let me tell you that this feeling leaves you speechless and so happy every second of your life. It was worth the fight and the sacrifices, just keep doing it and results will come.

My life has changed in many ways! I am healthier physically, mentally and emotionally. My self esteem although never low, is at an all time high. I have been the inspiration of many to start their own quest of a healthy lifestyle change and I have finally found a real life passion!

I would like to Thank Fitho’s team that helped  me get on track with easy to follow and extremely structured diet and exercise plans.Besides the follow-up from my personal health manager ensured I stayed on track and committed to my routine. Thank you Fitho for making that difference in the life.

Jitu Soni, after the 6 month Fitho Weight Loss/Body Toning Plan

Jitu Soni, after the 6 month Fitho Weight Loss/Body Toning Plan

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