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Weight Loss Success Stories

Every year we help thousands of people just like you to lose weight and keep it off. If you need a little inspiration to get started just take a look at some of our successful members and their amazing results. If they can do it so can you.

Discover how people with similar challenges finished their weight-loss goals. You may come across someone who started out just like you!

Create your own weight loss success story with support from our expert team today.

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Eti Shukla

Nitin Lost Belly Fat

FitHo plan helped me eat right & reach my health goal of losing belly fat.

Eti Shukla

I Lost Weight & Gained Health

With the FitHo plan I am working on improving my eating habits. I want to be healthy & not just lose weight.

Eti Shukla

Shruti’s Weight Loss Journey from 88 kg to 73 kg

Fitho Diet & exercise plan helped me, a working professional, overcome my struggle with weight and made me lose 15 kg.

Shruti Gaur
Eti Shukla

Vishal lost 12 kg in 3 months

I am a foodie and find it hard to eat healthy. A sitting job and long hours of work makes tired, leaving very little time or motivation to exercise...

Vishal Kapoor
Eti Shukla

How to lose 13 Kg in 3 Months

I was looking to lose weight in a Healthy way and that's when I picked up the book, 'Losing It' by Prachi Gupta and Dhruv Gupta. This book changed my

Tarun Chandiramani
Eti Shukla

Simple Weight Loss Plan

I had been trying to lose weight since the last two years. Being a CA student, I hardly got time to devote towards the weight loss goal. Consequently, before I

Gargie Joshi
Eti Shukla

Lose Weight & Look Great

I have never been on a heavier side. I always maintained my weight effortlessly with healthy eating and active lifestyle. Even pregnancy didn’t change my body much. I lost my

Ashu Neeraj
Eti Shukla

How to Lose 15 Kg in 3 Months

success story shared by Mamta Rai who at Fitho successfully lost 15 kg in 3 months with a combination of diet & exercise. ...
Eti Shukla

How I Lost 20 Kg in 6 Months

I was tired of being over-weight & wanted to lose weight to improve my health as both my parents suffer from major health problems, that may or may not have genetic implications to my health...
Eti Shukla

Got Toned & Lost 5 Kg in Just a Month!

My name is Dhruv Luhariwal. I started gaining weight during my board exams when I would mostly sit on a chair and not move around. My activity level was low

Dhruv Luhariwal
Eti Shukla

Control Bloating & Lose 3 kg in a Month

I am a homemaker and mother of two kids, both in their twenties. I was about 10-15 % over my optimum weight and that too after I was conscious and tried to watch what...
Eti Shukla

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Success Story

Priya says "All my life I have been thin, but after having my two daughters, I gained weight and fitho helped me lose weight, and return back to my old

Priya, Panjim
Eti Shukla

Mom Goes From Flab to Fab!

Nymphia, professional & new mother shares her experience on how Fitho weight Loss plan helped her get from flab to fab with an easy to follow and practical diet &

Nymphia V,Delhi
Eti Shukla

Weight Loss Diet that Works & is Affordable

I was desperately trying to lose weight since last 2 years. Everyone had started telling me about my weight...

Eti Shukla

Sanjay Lost 14 Kg in 3 Months

I was seriously looking at losing weight when I accidently picked up a book “ Losing IT” by Prachi Gupta and Dhruv Gupta. This book transformed me the way I

Sanjay Mitra
Eti Shukla

Aditya Lost 4 kg in 4 weeks

I have been working hard to lose that stubborn fat around my body for the last 1 year. I tried everything but nothing was working. Then one day I came

Eti Shukla

Lost 4.1 kg of Weight in 4 Weeks

I lost 4.1 kg in 4 weeks. The plan is super easy to follow. I received lots of personal attention & all my questions were answered thoroughly.

Abhishek V, Connecticut, USA
Eti Shukla

Lost Baby Weight - Post Pregnancy

Pregnancy is indeed a milestone in every woman’s life. While the journey is incredibly cherish able, it is marked with various health concerns for the mom- to-be and new life

Eti Shukla
Eti Shukla

Lost 12 kg in 3 Months

I am a 30 years old man, located in Bangalore. Initially, my weight was 80 kg, which wasn’t matching with my height. One day, I was surfing through the web

Rahul, Banglore
Eti Shukla

Lost 12 Kg in 4 Months

Gauri says "I can't thank Fitho enough for the much desired weight loss of 12 kg that I have achieved though the Fitho Weight Loss program Diet regime

Gauri T, Mumbai
Eti Shukla

Fitness Plateau to Model Body

Jitendra, at 33 yrs old was suffering from BP/Cholesterol and weighed 99 kgs. Even though he worked out often, he was unhealthy. See how Fitho transformed his body from pot

Jitendra S, Tunisia
Eti Shukla

Get Six Pack Abs in 30 days

This 30 year old, New Delhi based client wanted to get a 6 pack within 30 days (25 days to be exact). We put him on a Fitho plan. This photo below shows you his 6 pack at the end of 24 days. See the photo below this one, to see where he started...
Eti Shukla

Toned Body at 55

Having done so much dieting & working out, I thought I knew so much about diet, working out, fitness, and conditioning, that I didn't think anyone could help me lose

Madhumita, Kolkata
Eti Shukla

How I Changed My Body Shape

You can change your body shape by losing fat and toning up.Changing your body shape requires an exercise plan & a healthy diet...

Sameer, Singapore
Eti Shukla

PCOS Weight Loss Success Story- Ish

About - Ish is a vibrant 27 year old food/wine enthusiast with PCOS. Due to the PCOS and medication, her weight had increased significantly, and it was very difficult to...

Ish, Jaipur
Eti Shukla

Lean, Fit & Toned for Wedding- Shikha

26 year old female, getting married in 1 month. Wanted to lose weight and look really fit for her wedding.

Eti Shukla

Weight Loss & Fitness Success

I was 86 kg and eversince i logged to Fitho I became very cautious on what ever I eat, not only calorie constious but also nutrition value...

Surya, London
Eti Shukla

Run Training Success Stories

Running was something I hated and dreaded. I blamed the 'flat foot' & bronchitis that prevented me from running. I could only run for 30 seconds, when I signed up...

Eti Shukla


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