Breaking The Weight Loss Plateau
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Breaking The Weight Loss Plateau

If you’ve tried to lose weight, you’ve been through it. Basically, to get into better shape you started exercising. For the first month, it worked well and you got results. But in the second and the third month, your results really slowed down, or there were none?! Wonder why? Because you hit a weight loss plateau, also called a fitness plateau. It is a phase when your results really slow down or stagnate, without making any changes to your workout routine.

Why do you experience a weight loss plateau? Think about it this way. When you try something new and cool, your brain finds it exciting. When you do it repeatedly for a couple of months, the excitement reduces, maybe even dies. Similarly, your body needs some challenge and excitement. It got some, when you started your workout, but after a month it got so efficient at performing the same exercises, that your efforts started losing effect.

So, how do you break this weight loss plateau? No reason to panic – All you need to do is throw some change into your workout routine. There are many ways to fix it:

– Remove the old exercises, throw in some new ones, and you’ll be rearing down that path to hotness.

– If you’ve been running on the treadmill for 20 minutes at a constant pace, change that. Use the cycle for 10 minutes and the stepper for 10 minutes. Or if you love the treadmill too much, then change the incline- throw in some hills into your boring flat routine, and you’ll feel the burn again!

– If you like running on flat ground, then change the speed- turn it up and you’ll turn up the fat burn also.

– If you lift weights, throw in some new exercises or even simpler- Perform your exercise routine backwards- start from the last exercise and end with the first.

– Add some yoga exercises and improve your breathing and stress levels.

Bored of the gym? Play sports for weight loss. If nothing else, play in the park with your kids.

So throw some change into your health routine, and bust that weight loss plateau.

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