Sample Exercise

Sample Exercise Plan

Without Equipment
(Special 12 min Workout)
With Equipment
  • Side Plank

  • Side Shuffles

  • Seal Jacks
  • Bench Dips
  • Side Lunges
  • Alternate Heel Touches

  • Plex

  • Stretching Exercises
  • Wood Chop

  • Treadmill

  • Bench Pushups
  • Stiff Leg Deadlift
  • Dumbbell Step Ups
  • Altenate Heel Touches

  • Cross Trainer

  • Stretching Exercises
Note - This is a sample exercise plan and therefore the video links & exercise duration has not been mentioned. This sample exercise plan is not a customized plan. Customization of each exercise with duration and videos is given only in the actual exercise plan.