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Weight Loss for Overweight People

People struggling with excess weight or simply being over weight find it the most difficult to lose weight even though they know that all they need to do is eat healthy and exercise to lose weight. But despite that why are overweight people considered lazy? Maybe they are not as active as thin people but there is a definitive reason behind it.

As one starts putting on weight is gained it gets difficult to move the body with ease and the easiness that a fit man would experience. The weight is exercising pressure on all the joints in the body impairing agile movements. Carrying excess weight overtime can result in hormonal imbalance causing disorders like hypothyroid, diabetes, PCOS etc. Overweight people also find it maintain body balance . This might prevent them from participating in activities like jogging, running etc. For most over weight people exercise is very stressful for the body. Besides they suffer from high blood pressure, their joints are under pressure and they tend to get tired very easily.

Here are some easy ways to get you started on a weight loss plan with ease:

Managing Nutrition: The ideal way forward is by revising your daily nutrition intake. The idea is not to suddenly cut your calorie intake by half but to slowly start reducing the non-nutritional foods from the daily diet. The main point to be  calorie intake has to be reduced over a period of time yet as all these problems surface before a overweight person while losing weight, there are ways that you can start losing weight.

Movements: If you are overweight and want to lose then then start with easy movements and not exercises. Whichever movement, even if it is just moving your arms if its easy for you, start with it but be regular and consistent. Keeping adding the movements to your daily schedule as you keep losing weight and gradually approach losing weight.

Activity: Sometimes exercising can sound monotonout but some activity that one enjoys can get you moving a little more. Also if you have the will power and want to exercise you can workout in the water. Just walk in the pool in breaths and float a little. Make it easier by just paddeling sitting by the side of the pool can increase some calorie burn. Exercising will help you get flexible and thus push your body more during workouts.

Social Support: Getting social support from a friend, family or even anyone who can motivate you. A apt on the back after a laborious session can restill the energy levels in you and push you again to go all out in your sessions. Be consistent and closely monitor your fitness and soon anyone looking for weight loss can see the results.

Believe: If you don’t believe in yourself about losing weight then you might not hold and practice the tips given above. You can lose weight gradually and don’t give as the body takes time to adapt. Sometimes this can take longer than usual but it is possible. Write to us  at fitness@fitho.in and we will help you lose weight fast and naturally through diet and exercise.

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