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Weekly Health Round up

Here’s a round up of our posts over the last week:

Don’t care to run? That’s ok. We suggest stair climbing. Its quick on time and burning fat!. Read here –Don’t like Running? Try Stair Climbing!

The festive season is here. With all the celebration, the loads of sweets and fried foods, its hard to keep that waistline in check. Here are a few simple tips to avoid weight gain during this festive season

Everyone wants to lose fat quick. But it took them months, even years to gain the fat. In fact, some serious hard work went into gaining weight. Here’s a quick round up on how much work it takes to gain weight and what you can do to avoid it.

Think you know a lot about nutrition and health. Then, take on our challenge and test your health IQ at Fitho’s Health IQ challenge! Show us what you got.

The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2008 is here. Its on November 9. The half marathon is 21.09 km long. That can be a intimidating, but if you’re a new runner, there is the 6 km Dream Run. Its a lot of fun! Dust off those running shoes and get cracking of your run to a fitter and hotter you!

Need information, registration or just motivation? Check out our post on it- Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2008- Information, Registration and Motivation!

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