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Watch cricket, get a six pack

In our previous article, we showed you how watching cricket can make you fat. With just a simple changes, you could fix, completely fix that:

Breaks: During the ad break, walk around. Get your chores done. Move around, burn some calories! Get some water and drink it- water.

Read below how to make muscle during the game..

Photo- Cricket and Beer (neil-san@flickr

Build muscle, burn calories: For every 4 or 6, crank out 10 pushups. It will help to build muscle and get you a six pack. While they score runs, you could be scoring a six pack, and much more..

Easy on beer: No brainer, but seriously.. go easy on the beer. You know its got empty calories, and it does all this damage to your belly. Limit yourself to say 2, and minimize the damage. Or better yet, skip the beer completely. Instead, have this to drink- fresh lime soda unsweetened or lightly sweetened. Get some vitamin C and build your immunity.

Healthy Game Grub: Skip the chips. Make a veggie platter, and make a healthy dip. Eating the veggies gives you minimal calories, vitamins, fibre and promote weight loss, since they fill you up. In our next article, check out our yummy recipe for healthy dip.

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