Vitamin D for Weight Loss

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Research is showing that Vitamin D might be a key nutrient to help you lose weight. Studies are showing that Vitamin D is an important nutrient required in the body, to metabolize stored fat.

Vitamin D food sources (source:

Vitamin D food sources (source:

Studies are also showing that due to our lifestyles, most people are deficient in Vitamin D. On the other end, Vitamin D deficiency has been shown to be a factor in the accumulation of excess body fat:

- In the absence of sufficient vitamin D the body increases the number and size of newly formed fat cells that promote and accelerate abdominal obesity.

- Vitamin D, in conjunction with calcium, helps to properly assimilate food and regulate normal blood sugar levels. When there is a lack of calcium, often times due to a vitamin D deficiency, the body increases production of synthase, a fatty acid enzyme that coverts calories into fat. Calcium deficiency can cause synthase production to increase by up to 500 percent, explaining the correlation between low levels of vitamin D and obesity.

- Vitamin D is actually a pro-hormone that becomes activated in the kidneys to become a potent hormone that controls the growth of cells. In the absence of sufficient circulating levels of the active form, both adipocytes and cancer cells are allowed to multiply relatively unchecked.

Sufficient levels of vitamin D signal fat cells to shrink. This makes weight loss much easier when calories are restricted and also might keep cancer cell growth in check.

Regulating vitamin D intake can help your body burn abdominal fat and lose weight. Ensure you have enough of this critical nutrient circulating in your blood to promote good health and natural weight loss diet.

The main Vitamin D food sources are milk & dairy products, eggs (yolk), cod liver oil, salmon, tuna, mackerel. For those on dairy free, vegetarian diets might need to supplement with fish oil supplements.

In our next article, we’ll be telling you about the most effective way to increase Vitamin D in your body, as studies have shown that supplementation and food sources are minimally effective without this!

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  • aliceapplepie


    Do you have a link to the research that was conducted which shows a relationship between vitamin D and an accumulation of excess body fat. Vitamin D is a subject that I am following at the moment and would be interested to read the paper that this is based off.

    Much appreciated,


  • Prachi

    Dear Alice,

    This study was presented by medicine department at the University of Minnesota.

    Warm regards,
    Fitho Team.

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