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Valentines Day, the Healthy Way

Are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day the usual way- a lavish meal, drinks, gifting chocolates, cakes, and the works. Sure, it seems like the standard thing to do with your loved ones, but is consuming unhealthy high calorie food the real way to show our love for people we care about? We have an idea, to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day without increasing your mid-section bulge.

Healthy Valentine Gift

To show that we care for you, we’re going to help you make this Valentines Day healthy, and help you show your love for people you care, by actually celebrating it in a way, that is really good for both of you!

Beyond just showing that you truly care for your loved ones, by helping them get healthier and fitter, it can also spark your love life :)

We being to you, our Valentine’s Days Health Package.. with a buy 1, get 1 offer!
Do it with anyone you care: your better half, your best friend, your parent, or your child!

Start a 1 month plan, and your partner gets a flat 20% discount!

Buy a 2 month plan, and your partner gets flat 30% discount!

Go for a 3 month plan, and your partner gets a 40% discount!

Get a 4 to 6 month plan, and your partner gets a whopping 50% discount!

This special Valentine’s offer is only valid from Feb 8, 2011 to Feb 15, 2011.

Studies show that most people give up their new year resolutions in the first month of the year. So, if you’re one of those people, here’s your chance to pick up your resolution.
Studies have also shown that following a plan with a partner, helps you stick the plan, showing you better results!

Treating your loved ones with pizza and chocolate cake would not make that big an impact but showing affection through caring for their health would go a long way.

So, make 2011 a Healthy year, starting with a Healthy Valentines Day!

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