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Use your mind to lose weight

Recent research is showing that weight loss maybe a mind game along with one to manage diet and exercise.  A study in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that those who focused positively on weight loss achieved better results. The study indicates that the focus needs to shift from a ‘willpower driven’ focus on weight loss, to a focus on long term lifestyle change, which is a combination of nutrition management, exercise and the ‘right mindset’.

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There have been many diet and weight loss plans, that have had a strong psychological focus. Some of the popular programs using a strong psychological focus are Beck’s Diet, Dr. Phil Diet and the Gabriel Method, use some interesting but effective strategies, listed below.

The psychological programs help your weight loss struggles with easy strategies:

– Believing you will succeed in weight loss
– Don’t look to food to solve your emotional pain
– Free your environment from trigger foods and reminders to eat.
– Choose foods that produce and reinforce lasting weight loss.
– Conquer every excuse to overeat.
– Prioritize exercise and thus your health.
– Surround yourself with people who support your efforts (read how friends & family can make or break your weight loss efforts)
Make cravings go away, fast! (read how to beat alcohol cravings)

Many of these programs have specific psychological efforts, like those listed above. We agree with that these combined with a balanced fitness program, can give you better results, than without. Many such psychological efforts are also applied to athletic training, like marathon training (check out Delhi Half Marathon), or even muscle building.

So, when you think about weight loss or fitness, it’s not just about eating low calorie food, or exercising incessantly, it’s a combination of factors including your mind set that will lead to successful long term weight loss & fitness.

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