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Our most read articles, with the top fitness tips:

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  2. Health side effects of sugar calories
  3. Mango: Health & calories
  4. GM diet Indian version
  5. Gain weight with supplements
  6. Benefits of sleep- weight loss
  7. Secret to six pack ab muscles
  8. How to get sexy legs and muscles
  9. Which fruits, veggies, meat have fat?
  10. Does mango make you fat?
  11. Corn flakes- healthy or fattening?
  12. Does milk and banana make you fat?
  13. Drink warm water & lemon= weight loss?
  14. Exercises: strengthen lower back muscle
  15. How to manage diet at restaurants
  16. Which are healthiest foods in India?
  17. Diet sugar substitutes information
  18. Which are lowest calorie bar cocktails?
  19. Foods to avoid on Diabetes diet
  20. Health risks of Indian belly fat?
  21. Does alcohol promote male breasts?
  22. Tips to run better & start running
  23. Whats good & bad carbs- Glycemic Index
  24. Indians’ risk heart disease & diabetes
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