Running Tips to Run Better- Part 3

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This article is the last of the series of 3 articles for tips on running.

Tips to run Better- 1 had tip 1,2 and 3 were around the basics of nutrition and clothing for running. Tips to run Better 2 has tips 4-8 were around helping you run faster, further and more efficiently. Here we present to you our round of running tips:tips to run better

9. Warm Up before the Race: Before your race, warm your muscles up a little. Run a quarter mile, about 10-15 minutes before your long run. Stretch your muscles lightly to ensure that they’re flexible after the warm up run. Then, relax your body and your mind before the run.

10. Don’t run in new shoes: Running your race in new shoes can destroy your race. If you need new running shoes, buy them at least 3 weeks before the race day and train in them. That way, your feet get used to them and the shoes open up. Besides, if there are any issues with the shoes, then you know early on and can switch out to another pair of shoes.

11. Stretch post run: Between stretching before and after your workout, stretching after your workout is better. As we mentioned in part 2, your muscles tighten up while you run, so ensure you stretch each body part after your run. This helps them to recover better since stretched muscles help loosen up muscle fibers, allowing better delivery of nutrients to the muscle fiber for repair and growth. When you stretch your body, hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds. Stretching post run also reduces soreness in muscles.

12. Time to run: Many people wonder which is the best time to run or workout- whether its morning or evening? Its best when you feel best about it. Its about when you’ve got the time to do it.

Use these tips to run and I’m sure you’ll notice a difference in your run performance!

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  • Vandan Chopra

    It’s been an awesome read and has really got me pumped to finally start working out.

    how bout an article on stretching exercises that one can do before a run or a work-out.


  • Fitho

    I’m glad it helped pump up the motivation :)
    Before a workout or a run, I recommend a warm up, rather than stretching. When you warm up, your muscles become ready for what’s coming down the line in the workout or the run. Stretching helps to relax the muscle fibers, which is not so important before a workout/run.

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  • Arun Yadav

    I love running but I am not a professional or regular runner which I want to be. May be because lack of information to what to do or what not before, after and while running. But after reading all the 3 articles by “Fitho” i finally get help to prepare myself for good running, which helps me to become a good runner and fit n fine also. And become athlete like “Arun Bhardwaj” (The first internationally recognized ultra-distance runner who has trained and come from India. He has made remarkable progress and has won the 567 km George Archer 6 Day race in South Africa).

    Arun :)

  • Shilpa

    I want to know what precaution should be taken (in terms of knee safe gaurd etc) so that joints or muscles are not hurt.

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