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Running Tips, Run better- Part 1

Loads of people are training for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. But here is some information that will help you run better. When most people who don’t run hear the term ‘running better’, they look skeptical, assuming that running is a very natural movement and that it should be quite easy. But you’ll be surprised to know how small running tips and changes can make a big difference not just to your speed, but also prevent injuries. These tips make an even bigger difference when you’re training for an event. These tips will help improve running speed, running distance and reduce running injuries. In part 1, here are some basic but essential running tips to get you started.


1. Get energy: Running requires energy and for you to run well, you need to have energy stored in your body. So, ensure you feed yourself correctly before a run. If you run on an empty stomach, you’re body will look for energy stores within itself to get that energy. Its options are fat and muscle. First it goes after the muscle. So, by running on an empty stomach, you might be forcing your energy to cannibalize its own muscle, which clearly will not help you run faster. Now, about what you should eat- If you haven’t eaten anything and need some quick energy right before the run, eat some boiled sugar candy, jaggery or a glucose based drink. If you have say 30 minutes before your run, eat some slow burning carbohydrates like oatmeal, dalia, muesli with low fat milk or any other such breakfast cereal. Don’t overeat as it will make you feel heavy. Avoid a high fat snack right before or after the run, since fat slows absorption of nutrients into the body and before a run, you want relatively quicker absorption. So, get your nutrition right and see yourself bursting with energy

2. Hydrate well- When your body is not well hydrated, it affects your performance. To hydrate yourself well, drink water 30 minutes before your workout, the best health drink ever. Right before your run if you’re thirsty, have a glass of water, but if you drink too much, then it might sit in your belly while your running- not too much fun! And in a country like India where its so hot, its even more important to hydrate yourself properly before a run. If you need water while your running, you can run with a small bottle of water and keep sipping as you need. As you build up your running ability, your need to sip water while you run will reduce. If you can’t carry a bottle with you, then place it somewhere on your running track.

Tips of what to wear while running- Running Gear- running shorts, running shirts, running shoes, music Tips on Running Gear- jakerome@flickr

3. Wear the right clothing: As irrelevant as it seems, this can make a huge difference. Wear running shorts that are light- preferably made of material wicks sweat away from the skin. Cargo/khakhi shorts are a strict no. On top, avoid cotton tshirts for two reasons- one they can cause chaffing from all the rubbing against your skin. Nipple chaffing is a common problem among male runners who don’t wear the correct clothing. And the other reason is that cotton absorbs sweats and holds it, so it adds to the weight of the clothing. Also, it sticks to your skin. Psychologically and physically, it can affect your performance. For women, wearing a sports bra is essentail. It will make your run so much better. Ladies, invest in a few good sports bras and you’ll notice all the difference. Also, get running socks- they’re the absorbent kinds. Do not wear dress socks! Running socks help your feet get a better grip within the shoes and absorb the sweat, so no smelly feet

Now, that we’re done with the basic running tips, watch out for more running tips!

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  • vivek dixit

    friends i would like to say that if you want to run continously for 12 hour you should run in breaks .
    run for 15-20 min then take some break and again the same process goes on .

    i am very much stressed as had prepared for this run and i am not been able to register.
    can you all tell me the way how i can take part in the race now.

  • Fitho

    @vivek dixit
    The registration period for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon events is over now.

  • Nishit Shah

    Nice set of posts on running better. I found exactly what I was looking for :) Any books that you can recommend for running. I really need to complete the Half Marathon in Jan.

  • Fitho

    @Nishit, I don’t know what level of running you are at, but if your just starting out, try ‘couch to 5k’.
    As a rule, you should slowly build up your distance, not adding more than 10% per week, once you start going beyond 5k. More than that, can cause injuries

  • PS

    I cud not agree with u more . Years back I used to run for an hour every day and cud feel the wonderful light feeling that u r talking about. Happy running and sustenance !

  • Priyanka Ahuja

    There is no way I can register for this marathon now?
    Pls help

  • parag raorane can i improve my runing stamina ?
    2.kindly provide us supllemnts name which helps to improve my runing stamina ? to exercise before runing ?

  • parag raorane

    1. How can i improve mu runing stamina ?
    2. Kindly provide supplements name which helps to improve my runing stamin ?
    3. how to warm-up before runing

  • gopal

    this is very nice tips and i want to register for air tel delhi half marathon

  • Facebook User
  • Kavin Kumar

    Can u please let me know wen the delhi marathon 2010 is scheduled and also about the best running shoes available in the market. According to an analysis my feet needs a dual density shoes or say an extra cushion on the arc area thanks

  • Fitho

    @kavin kumar, the delhi half marathon has been held in November in the past years. Presumably, it should be held in november in 2010 also.
    Best running shoes would be a personal matter, so you should go to a specialist shoe store, or even a regular running shoe store and try on some shoes, with their help.

  • Sumit bhatia


    Please let me know regarding your training schedule as i v been waiting for your marathon site for many months. i wanna start from today onwards. i’l run the 21km marathon. let me know ASAP.

  • Fitho

    @sumit, we do provide marathon training. Do call us or email us.

  • Kamal rawat

    i think it is enough for me to make a unique place
    in this race.

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