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How to Gain Muscle

Its easy to gain muscle if you know how to. Without the right know how, you could take forever to build muscle. Here are some tips that are essential to help you gain muscle fast:

Sleep: Yes, sleep is essential for muscle growth and fat loss. Getting a ful 8 hours of sleep is ideal, since it provides enough rest for muscle. during this rest period, your body helps your muscles recover and grow. Many of us skimp on sleep, and this can really affect your muscle growth. So, don’t be stingy with your sleep hours.

Eat 6-7 meals per day: You may have heard that eating often keeps your metabolic rate high. Besides keeping your metabolic rate high, and helping you burn more calories, eating 6-7 meals a day, keeps your muscles fueled through the day. Long gaps between meals can lead to muscle catabolism (body using muscle for energy)

Intense Workouts: This one is kind of obvious, but we often forget. Its important to push your muscles to their limits (while being safe). The more you push your muscles, the faster they will grow.

Timing: Get your nutrition timing right. Ensure you are getting the right pre workout snacks and post workout meal.

Implements all these tips and you could make some serious progress in the gym!

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