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Tips: Get back to slim, quick!

The most important tip to look instantly slimmer is to have the right posture. You’ve heard it before, but its true! It help you look slimmer and burn more calories.

We tend to slouch when we sit, stand, drive, etc. Ever wondered why? Its your lazy body’s way to support its weight. Slouching makes all your upper body weight get supported by your backbone, instead of your back and abdominal muscles.

To improve your posture, check out these exercises for lower back muscles. When you stand up straight, it elongates your torso so you instantly look slimmer. Your back bone is essential to almost all physical activity. It protects you spinal cord. So, protect it by taking away the pressure of supporting your upper body. Try this compete upper body exercise.

Also when you stand straight, you use your back and abdominal muscles to support your upper body weight. This strengthens your torso muscles (also known as your core), raises your metabolic rate and burns more calories. So, it has a double benefit. Not only do you look instantly slimmer, you also build muscle, and stoke your calorie burning mechanism.

Having a hard time keeping  your back straight? In our next article, we’ll tell you simple exercises that you can do to help strengthen your lower back, for a better posture and smaller tummy :)

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