Thinking about Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2009?Fitho
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Thinking about Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2009?

Planning to take part in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2009? Its a great event, with events for everyone. Check out details on the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2008 and the Airtel Delhi Marathon route maps. We participated in the Airtel Delhi Dream Run– here’s our experience at delhi half marathon– beware, it was not a good marathon experience. This year, we are planning to do the 21 km run (half marathon). East African runners dominated the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2008 – Read this to understand why East Africans dominate marathons.

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Read below on how to start running and preparing for a marathon…

You might not beat the East African runners, but here are tips to prepare better for a marathon: Prepare for a marathon run, peak performance during and after the marathon run.

If you’re not a runner, now is the time to start preparing. We have enough tips on our site to get to prepared: Tips to Run Better Part 1, Tips to Run Better Part 2Tips to Run Better Part3.

You have enough time to prepare your self for the half marathon– that is 21 kms. If you’re not up for that, try the Dream Run at about 6-7 km. Last few years, the Airtel Delhi half marathon has been happening in Oct, Nov. We presume that this year will be similar.

Need a proper running plan to get you started and prepare you for the 6 km Dream Rum (Mini Marathon)? Sounds like too much- don’t worry, with 2 months, we’ll comfortably get you on track and running! Contact Fitho or email for running plans and nutrition plans in Delhi!

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Update: We have the official date- Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2009

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