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Ideal Body Weight

Commonly ideal body weight is calculated  with a formula that takes into consideration your height in accordance to your weight ? But is it the ideal body weight to refer to? Not really, as ideal weight does not only depend on height but on many other factors like the fat percentage in the body, muscles and bone ratio and age and gender. Height can give you an approximate idea but not definite ideal weight. We have repeatedly told you that no two people of the same height and weight can have the same ideal weight. Age and body types are some of the few elements that differentiate two individuals.

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Here is a table for ideal body weight range, for both men and women. You can use it as a height-weight calculator as well.

Men   Women
Height Weight   Height Weight
4’5 28-35 Kg   4’5 28-35 Kg
4’6 30-39 Kg   4’6 30-37 Kg
4’7 33-40 Kg   4’7 32-40 Kg
4’8 35-44 Kg   4’8 35-42 Kg
4’9 38-46 Kg   4’9 36-45 Kg
4’10 40-50 Kg   4’10 39-47 Kg
4’11 43-53 Kg   4’11 40-50 Kg
5’1 45-55 Kg   5’1 43-52 Kg
5’2 48-59 Kg   5’2 45-55 Kg
5’3 50-61 Kg   5’3 47-57 Kg
5’4 53-65 Kg   5’4 49-60 Kg
5’5 55-68 Kg   5’5 51-62 Kg
5’6 58-70 Kg   5’6 53-65 Kg
5’7 60-74 Kg   5’7 55-67 Kg
5’8 63-76 Kg   5’8 57-70 Kg
5’9 65-80 Kg   5’9 59-72 Kg
5’10 67-83 Kg   5’10 61-75 Kg
5’11 70-85 Kg   5’11 63-77  Kg
6’1 72-89 Kg   6’1 65-80 Kg

According to a study women tend consider ideal weight for their height and age lesser than what is medically recommended forcing them to resort to yo-yo diets to achieve their target.While men tend you lean towards the higher range working on building more muscle through supplements or a high protein diet. (more…)

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Quit believing in myths and start getting real. Rev up your metabolism naturally through food and workouts.  Clock your meals and sleep patterns at a definite time allowing your body adapt to the patterns to show results. Avoid yo-yo diets or crash diet and stick to your normal routine. Instead know the foods that you eat and learn healthy eating habits for a faster metabolism.

Here are a few breakfast ideas for you

Eggs: Poached eggs with a glass of milk and a multi grain toast. Eggs & milk provide with protein and important minerals like calcium , phosphorous etc. Toast providing some carbohydrate & fibre to keep you full of energy and (more…)

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Side Effects of Unhealthy Fad Diets

Any average person suffering from weight issue has at least once in their life have given a shot and tried these fad diets. Its natural for anyone to first indulge in self help before they fail, or their situation in some case worsens, that they seek out professional guidance. Take a minute and reflect on what might you have exposed your body to unintentionally.

Balanced Diet

Most of the fad diets are popularly termed as “yo-yo” diets that give you a short term solution to quick weight loss but do not guarantee any long term sustenance of the weight loss. Besides it deprives body of nutrition resulting in low blood pressure, reduced energy and fatigue. If you continue to under nourish your body with an unbalanced diet your metabolism also starts to slow (more…)

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo