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Yo Yo Diets

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Ideal Body Weight

Is ideal body weight the way of knowing your healthy weight or is it just a number that tells you whether you and your friend are the same weight. Well Ideal body weight is a range of weight that tells you whether your weight is in proportion with your height and  gender. But what is...Read More

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Quit believing in myths and start getting real. Rev up your metabolism naturally through food and workouts.  Clock your meals and sleep patterns at a definite time allowing your body adapt to the patterns to show results. Avoid yo-yo diets or crash diet and stick to your normal routine. Instead know the foods that you...Read More

Side Effects of Unhealthy Fad Diets

Any average person suffering from weight issue has at least once in their life have given a shot and tried these fad diets. Its natural for anyone to first indulge in self help before they fail, or their situation in some case worsens, that they seek out professional guidance. Take a minute and reflect on...Read More