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Is there Fat in that Food- 2

Continuing our quest of busting health myths on foods containing fat- Previously, we checked on the fat content of vegetables and fruits. In this section, we’re covered protein sources like chicken and eggs, starchy carbohydrates sources like flour and rice, and simple carbohydrate sources like honey and sugar:

Egg whites: Eggs have the highest quality protein. The egg yolk contains fat and cholesterol, but overall eggs are extremely nutritious and are a great muscle building food. Egg whites unlike the yolk, do not contain any fat. They contain lean protein and zero fat content.

Photo- Eggs Nutrition and Fat Content (clearlynovice@flickr)

Chicken Breast- Chicken is a great source of high quality protein, and chicken breast is the leanest part of chicken. It contains negligible fat. Chicken breast can help burn fat and build muscle. Its also called ‘white meat’- which is the lean part of chicken. Note that cooking chicken breast might add fat. Chicken legs and other portions contain fat and are known as ‘dark meat’.

Flour- Flour is processed wheat. Regardless of whether is refined or not, it does not contain any fat.  Since flour is not consumed directly, what is key to note is that food products using flour as their base ingredient- bread, biscuits, cookies, rotis, etc can contain fat since butter/fat/oil is added as part of the cooking process. Refined wheat flour (maida) is unhealthy since it has a high glycemic index, so it spike up your blood sugar. Refined flour products like white bread promote fat storage in the body

Rice- Rice is another grain that does not contain fat. If it is boiled or steamed, then it contains no fat. But if it is pan fried, then it can contain fat.

Sugar- Sugar only contain simple carbohydrates. By itself it does not contain any fat, but due to its high content of simple carbohydrates and thus a high glycemic index, it promotes fat storage in the body.

Honey- Honey is simply sugar with some mineral and vitamins. It also does not contain any fat, but excessive consumption of honey (like sugar), can promote fat storage in the body.

We have one more article in the series of exploring ‘is there fat in that food’ series! Read here soon.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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