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Have You Skipped Your Workout? Continue With Your Normal Workout Routine

Question / Dilemma: Got badly caught up in work and didn’t go to the gym for three days? Ab kya karu?

Answer: Don’t worry. Just because you missed the gym doesn’t mean you need to spend an additional hour in the gym for the remaining days of the week. Stick to your one hour workout routine, focus on your diet and you’ll be on the track. Remember to eat well before and after working out. Have nutrition dense food – the right combination of proteins and carbohydrates that promotes muscle gain.

Answered by Prachi Agarwal, first appeared in HT City (Hindustan Times), Get Healthy Delhi! campaign, where she is a Fitness Expert on the panel of health experts.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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Get Fit in Style

Fitho adds style to your fitness routine with sports collection by www.jabong.com. A fit body makes clothes look good but do you know that wearing the right clothes to exercise can also help you get fitter faster. Get fit and stylish with gift vouchers from Fitho wellness with every purchase of sports merchandise on www.jabong.com. This offer is available across the country for limited time.

Lets help you get started in three easy steps. First step is to identify a good exercise routine. To achieve your fitness goal you need a personalized exercise plan that matches your personality, lifestyle and fitness level. These factors help you stay motivated and see results faster. www.Fitho.in has just the right routine planned for you that comes with free videos and a personal mentor that motivates and guides you to stay on track.

Next is the right set of clothes you need that match your preferred fitness routine. Whether its walking, yoga, aerobics, jogging or playing a sport the appropriate clothing helps you be more comfortable and focused so that you can enhance your performance to get the most out of your workout routine. Jabong with its exclusive sports collection helps you make the right decisions to achieve your goal of fitter & fabulous.

While you work hard and burn those calories, enjoy the workout routine you also need to manage your diet. You can reduce more calories by watching what you eat than actually working out. One slice of cake can set you back by 350 calories while brisk walking for one hour can only burn 300 calories for a mid sized person. Get your own diet plan by logging on to www.fitho.in. All this is available online, so you got be sitting anywhere in the country to avail this offer.

Eating a healthy/nutritious diet and exercising is critical to losing weight. We have a daily nutritional requirement that we have to meet and anything extra than this gets stored as fat. So watch what you eat under the right guidance, lose weight faster by adding exercise to your healthy diet and finally get compliments on everything you wear!

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Cross Training for Weight Loss

Cross training is one of the most popular fitness trends world-over. What is cross training and what makes it so popular? To put is simply cross training is a creative way to make your workout more beneficial and enjoyable by combining different forms of exercises. Your body has a tendency to get use to the same physical activity done over a period of time. This is phenomenon is also commonly referred to as hitting the “plateau”.

Running (Cr/freedigital)

Cross Training beautifully cuts this plateau out of the way by working out different muscles of the body  at the same time adding variety, challenge, excitement to a workout routine resulting in more effective weight loss, better toned muscles and uniform development of the body.

Let us explain the benefits further. Doing same exercise repetitively can cause wear and tear of joints and leave other muscles without  any exercise causing unbalance in workouts and disproportionate muscle growth. We require full body workout to keep our muscles conditioned and reduce injury as well. Cross training benefits the body in improving flexibility and increasing general fitness levels.

What combination would you call a good cross training routine. Essentially six different types of exercise techniques like reistance training to, plyometric, strength training, interval training, resistance training, isometric are included in a  good cross training routine. Each of these forms of exercise have unique benefits and when combined can deliver some measurable results. Here is how each of these techniques work, what part of the body they work out and what are the main benefits of adding them to your exercise routine. (more…)

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo