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White Bread Glycemic Index

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Find informative articles on White Bread Glycemic Index, related to health. Stay updated with the latest and most comprehensive information related to White Bread Glycemic Index.

Diet for Diabetes Diet – 1: Foods to Avoid

People with diabetes are required to manage their bloog sugar levels. So, many diabetics watch out for sugar in their diet, but is that enough? We have a list of foods besides sugar that could be equally harmful for diabetics, because they have a high Glycemic Index. Foods with high Glycemic Index increase blood glucose...Read More

White Bread- your weight loss enemy

The title says it all- white bread is not on your side in the war against fat, health, diabetes. If anything it promote fat storage, and diabetic tendencies. Read on to find out. White bread is made from refined wheat flour (maida) which gives it a high content of simple carbohydrates. Then, it contains added...Read More

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