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Weight Loss Success Story

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Got Toned & Lost 5 Kg in Just a Month!

Dhruv luhariwal shares his experience on how Fitho weight Loss plan helped him to lose 5 kgs in a month with an easy to follow diet & exercise routine. Story as shared by Dhruv luhariwal : My name is Dhruv Luhariwal. I started gaining weight during my board exams when I would mostly sit on...Read More

Skeptic Javed Loses 7 Kg in 2 Months

Fitho weight loss program’s success story as shared by Mr. Javed Khan. “My Name is Javed Khan. I am a senior executive at a IT company in Bangalore. Few years back I used to weigh around 70 to 72 kg, but due constant work pressure and sedentary life style I put on some extra 5...Read More

Suresh's Success- Diabetes and Weight Loss- Fitho Answers

Have you met Suresh? Suresh is a Mumbai based 34 year old PR professional who was diagnosed with diabetes. With Fitho, he lost 10 kgs of weight, brought his sugar down to 140 mg and looks 10 years younger. See his before and after photos below and read more about his story. Besides this, we...Read More

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