Unhealthy Snacks

Unhealthy Snacks

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Most Granola Bars are Not Good for Health

Fiction: All Granola snack bars are loaded with healthy ingredients. Fact: Granola bars are being promoted aggressively as a quick energy source and a healthy snack. They come with a base of oatmeal, or a number of exotic grains and nuts. They are promoted for their healthy ingredients, and they do taste delicious because of flavouring. But...Read More

Unhealthy South Indian Snack Foods

South Indian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in India. This cuisine is prepared from the most natural ingredients available with minimum use of processed goods. Unfortunately it’s not the ingredients that can make south Indian food unhealthy but the way it is cooked it can negate its health benefits and add empty...Read More

Is Cricket making you Fat?

Wondering how cricket might be making you fat? Plenty of ways actually.. Your Couch: The reason people gain weight is because they’re not burning any calories. While watching cricket, you may be sitting on your couch ranging from 3 hours to 5 days! Besides not burning calories, you might be promoting weight gain. A recent...Read More