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How to Get a Workout While Watching the World Cup?

  The cricket world cup is back! Along with it our extra hours of sitting in front of the television! Did you know an average world cup watcher could be adding up to around 2,400 calories per match — more than many people need in an entire day! Read about the empty calories in junk foods....Read More

Tips to Stay Fit When You Travel

People are constantly on the move. They travel for work, pleasure or various other reasons. This hectic life sometimes takes a toll on individual health, mostly causes people to gain weight. Its very easy to lose control of your health, especially with a busy travel schedule. But even while travelling if you have time to...Read More

Body Toning Exercises for Women

If you are looking for a good body toning exercise program then you have come to the right place. Here is an effective, time saving, intense 15-20 minute body toning exercises for women that can be done anywhere. This workout will make your heart race in as little as twenty minutes. Before you get started...Read More

Sports make you fit & improve your professional skills

Playing a sport is a fun activity and keeps you fit mentally and physically. It engages the mind and body while energizing and de-stressing you at the same time. All sports keep you active and improve blood flow in the body. Whether you are good at playing the sport or not it will always benefit...Read More

Five Best Exercises For Weight Loss

Exercise is a weight loss booster as it accelerates burning of calories and the fastest mean to burn fat and lose weight. You can choose exercise according to your body type for losing weight from specific areas like glutes, thighs, belly etc. Playing sports or lifting weight is equivalently beneficial in dropping some extra pounds...Read More

Workout: Morning or Evening?

Do you wonder whether morning workout’s are better or the evening workouts? Whichever group you fall into, there is a good news. Turns out both workout times are beneficial and a suitable workout timing depends on your schedule, lifestyle and when your energy levels are highest.Burning 500 calories in the morning is not different from...Read More

Marathon Training Tips- Nutrition During And After Run

In the previous article, we focused on the nutrition before a marathon or a long run to help you build your stamina and perform better. Here, we’ll focus on the nutrition during the run. Don’t laugh at the idea of nutrition during a marathon- its inconsequential for a short run, but for long runs like...Read More

Which stretching exercise is best for muscles?

In the first part of this article, we wrote about when you should stretch, how static stretching before a workout can be detrimental, how warming up is good for your workout, and how to warm up effectively. Instead of static stretching before your workout, try dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretches are specific to the sport or...Read More

Stretch After Exercise, Not Before – Why

When you look around the gym or the running track, you see people performing stretches before a workout. Why? Because traditionally, we were taught stretching is key before a workout. But recent research disagrees with the old adage of static stretching before a workout. It is now believed that static stretching before a workout besides...Read More

Running Tips to Run Better- Part 3

This article is the last of the series of 3 articles for tips on running. Tips to run Better- 1 had tip 1,2 and 3 were around the basics of nutrition and clothing for running. Tips to run Better 2 has tips 4-8 were around helping you run faster, further and more efficiently. Here we...Read More