Slowing Down The Metabolism

Slowing Down The Metabolism

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Slowing Down The Metabolism Doesn’t Help To Gain Weight in a Healthy Way

Question / Dilemma: Sometimes I wonder if I have a very fast metabolism and that’s why I am so lanky. Could that play a spoilsport to my weight gain plan in the long run? Answer: You should feel lucky to have a fast metabolic rate. It’s a healthy sign and what the whole world is craving to have!...Read More

Alcohol Spoils Your Fitness Regime

Question / Dilemma: Will an occasional drink mess up my health regime? Answer: As ruthless as I might sound, but alcohol will entirely spoil your fitness regime. The logic is simple. It’s not about the calories in alcohol, but alcohol in general slows down your metabolism. The body traditionally treats alcohol as poison, so when...Read More

How to Control Overeating

Are you tired of your binge eating habit? Do you find yourself giving into temptation to gorge down delicious food and before you can control its too late and the damage of consuming excessive calories is already done. Why do we find ourselves making the same mistake over and over again and how can you...Read More