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Six Pack

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Find informative articles on Six Pack, related to health. Stay updated with the latest and most comprehensive information related to Six Pack.

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2009- Register & Training

Registrations for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2009 event have opened. The Delhi Half Marathon is going to be held on Nov 1, 2009, in New Delhi. This year, you can register online as well. Registrations are open till October 4, 2009 or as soon as all the places are filled, whichever is earlier. You can...Read More

Watch cricket, get a six pack

In our previous article, we showed you how watching cricket can make you fat. With just a simple changes, you could fix, completely fix that: Breaks: During the ad break, walk around. Get your chores done. Move around, burn some calories! Get some water and drink it- water can help you lose weight. Read below...Read More

Quick Fitness Quiz

What’s your Health IQ? Try this quick myth buster fitness quiz, and test your fitness knowledge. For each question, note down your answer (True or False). Once you complete all 9 questions, check your answers with the correct answers given below. The best part about this fitness quiz is that if you crack it, you...Read More

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2008- Information, Registration and Motivation :)

The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2008 is here! This international marathon is going to be help on November 9, 2008. Registration starts on September 10, 2008 and end on October 15, 2008 Race information about events and prizes are below: There are four events: Half Marathon – Distance: 21.09 km; Age eligibility: born on or...Read More

Drawback of Ab Crunches

If you’ve tried to lose weight around your belly or hips, we’re positive someone you know suggested that you do ab crunches (commonly known as sit ups). We’re also positive, that the person suggesting this would not exactly be a picture of fitness.     We say this because, there is actually a myth and...Read More

Truth About Six Pack Abs

Before we get into this, what do you think is the truth about an easiest way to a six pack … those defined abs … a washboard belly? Call it whatever, it still eludes most of us. Mostly because we don’t know the truth and how to go about getting it. Do you think it hundreds of...Read More

Lose Weight or Lose Fat?

Often, both fat loss and weight loss are mistaken to be the same, but think about it- losing weight basically means that when you step on that weighing scale, you should weight less. Now you’ve lost this weight since there is less of something in your body. The options are fat, muscle or water. Losing...Read More

Belly Fat and Health Risks for Indians

With SRK along with a whole chain of others sporting six-pack abs, its become all the rage in India. Most Indians want to know how to build six pack abs! But a six-pack is not all about looking good. It has a lot to do with people’s health as well. Belly fat is the major...Read More

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