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Exercises to Lose Fat on Arms

Eating extra calories gets stored in the body in the form of fat and at various places like arms, tummy, legs etc. Different women have different weight problem points. One of the most common weight problem point are the arms and thighs. We recently covered a story on the best exercises to lose weight on the thighs. Click here to read the complete story. In this article we will help you find out how to lose weight on the arms and tone them up.

Lean Arms (Cr/freedigita

Upper arm consists of triceps and biceps. Women have a higher tendency to accumulate fat on this area then men. Also losing weight and toning arms is also one of the most difficult thing to accomplish. Everyone wants a quick solution or spot reduction to fat arms. Unfortunately there is no such thing as spot reduction and exercising alone doesnt help you get results. Its always a combination of diet and exercises that get you faster and better
results. Often we have seen people using heavy weights in the gym to lose weight on the arms. The simplest trick to losing weight on arms is starting cardio that will help reduce fat and then adding resistance to your training in the form of weights to get the right results.

Here are some exercises for the arms to help you tone up

Running: Any kind of cardio exercise is recommended for fast fat loss in the body. You could do skipping, running, sprinting, jogging, cycling, swimming or play a sport. All the above options burn faster calories and help reduce maximum fat from the body.

Women Push ups: Pushup has multiple benefits including working out the arms. For more stress on the arms perform close grip push up. To perform get into a plank position with knee on the ground for women. Keeping the body straight, lower body to the ground by bending arms at the elbows. Raise body up off the ground by extending the arms. Repeat.Body weight should be lifted by the arms. (more…)

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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Dance For Weight Loss

Can dancing help you lose weight ? Is dancing a substitute to exercising or running? Would dancing burn many calories to help us reduce fat in our body? What form of dance is suitable for weight loss and is there an intensity to dance for weight loss? These are few important question that come up when considering  using dancing for weight loss.

Dancing is technical and requires with precise muscular movements to achieve the desired posture. Different dance forms can help develop different kinds of muscles. For eg. salsa requires your lower body to be stronger and muscular. While the famous Spanish dance Flamenco requires a lot of foot work, hands and torso twisting combined with fine motor skills to name a few.

There are different forms of dance like latin, classical, hiphop, jazz, freestyle etc which use a lot of body movement and require performing with right technique and energy. An hour of a dance session can help you burn 200-400 calories. As sometimes the movements are slow, easy or stationary which provide rest in between. Where as running for an hour could burn more calories than 600 calories an hour.

Dancers usually have a flexible body, are lean and have endurance to perform intense acts as demanded by the dance. Though dancing involves a lot of movements which might appear similar to exercise but  in reality there is a world of a difference. Infact most professional dancers use some form of exercise to help achieve the level of fitness as well as to improve performance. Most dancers have  very defined fitness routines to enhance the performance of the muscles relevant to the particular dance.

If you have not been active for a while and want some light form of exercise to get started then dancing can be a good choice in the form of light physical activity. Dancing can maybe help you lose some weight but only initially. But it does not help you lose serious amount of weight in the short or long term. Human body is very adaptive in nature. It has a tendency to get use to light physical activity like dancing very quickly. Light physical activity provided by dancing fails to provide any resistance or serious challenge to the muscles for them to burn calories while dancing.

In fact you can try it your self. You can weigh yourself before going out dancing to a club and then weigh again once you are back. You wont see any difference between before and after. Another critical aspect of weight loss is managing your diet. You cant only depend on exercise alone to help you lose weight. You need to balance both to get desired results.

Dancing is great but can be included as an activity other than your normal workout which could further enhance your fitness level. You could dance with your friends or partners. Dancing can help you relax and keep the extra fat out when combined with your normal exercise routine. It helps reduce stress and is fun as music accompanies it.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

How to Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is caused due to resistance developed by our body cells towards insulin produced by the body. This leads to a rise in blood glucose level as the cells natural tendency to absorb insulin as much reduces, preventing the body from using glucose effectively, resulting in excess sugar levels in the body. Type 1 diabetes is genetic but Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease most commonly caused by obesity. The good news is that because Type 2 diabetes is not genetic and can be controlled, managed and sometimes even be reversed completely.

Recent study on diabetes suggests that you could reverse your diabetes to normal. That means you could balance you blood sugar levels in the body. The study by Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre at Newcastle University in England says that eating less calories about 600 per day for three months could reverse the diabetes. In the study, 11 people with type 2 diabetes for four years were put on a 600 calorie diet with leafy green vegetables and liquid diet which reversed the diabetes of 7 people.

At Fitho we believe that you dont have to go on such a strict low calorie diet that can damage your daily nutrition intake. Read here to understand what is a  balanced diet and how it is essential for our healthy well being. Diabetes Type 2 can be controlled and managed through healthy diet and exercise without reducing the calorie intake to such low levels. A person diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes needs a special diet chart that ensures that mostly food with low glycemic index should be included. Here is a list of foods that you must include and also avoid.

5 High GI Foods                                              5  Low GI Foods

Potatoes                                                                  Green Vegetables

Rice                                                                           Lentils

Sweets                                                                      Fruits (Citrus)

Packaged Juice                                                     Oats

Pasta                                                                         Brown Rice

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Resistance Training Tips

No pain, no gain ! Have you read it on some t-shirts, gyms or might have heard weight lifters say it. It is true to gain strength, endurance, build lean muscles and lose fat resistance training is very beneficial. It is simply resistance of the muscles to weight applied on it. More the weight better the results of resistance training would come out to be.

Women with dumbbells(Cr/freedigital)

Resistance training can be done with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, cables, body weight etc. Some of you looking for quick weight loss, toning your body for summers, weddings or any important occasion resistance training can get you into the shape fast. Being consistent in training the muscles grow with bone mass as well making you stronger and resistance to more force. One basic fundamental of resistance training is progressive overload. The term means that you increase the workload overtime as the muscles get accustomed to the weight and the objective of gaining mass and power.

Tips for resistance training

Motivation: Resistance training pushes you to new limits. Everytime you do resistance training it will test your guts and your resistance to bear the pain and complete the workout. You have to be consistent in following your routine and stay motivated.

Weights: Weights help provide resistance to the muscles and increasing more weight will increase in strength and power and build great muscles improving the physical appearance of the muscles. If you want to tone up your body resistance training could work well for you.

Diet: Muscles require protein to recover from the wear and tear caused by the training. Rich diet with protein rich foods should be included to help the muscle repair fast and grow in strength and mass. Balance your diet with carbohydrates for energy.

Rest: Like us muscles require rest too. As too much resistance makes the muscle tear and wear and thus needs time to repair. Rest is equally important for muscles to grow and resist more stress on it.

Resistance training is a great way to get active. It gets you into shape and makes you all the way more powerful. It is not only with weights but resistance can be offered to the body with elastic bands and other things. Weak people, old people, inactive people looking for a makeover resistance training can get you strengthen up and get going.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo