Over Eating

Over Eating

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Your friends might be making you fat?

Have you ever given a thought to the fact that while eating out with friends you generally order what the majority of them are ordering, even though the food ordered might be unhealthy? According to a new study from the University of Illinois, “Peer pressure may be to blame for your lack of control when...Read More

Foods that Make You Hungrier

Do you feel hungry even after a large meal? If this happens to you regularly, then you might want to check what you are eating. Quite often, it the food you eat that is responsible for post meal/snack hunger. Usually, natural whole foods make you feel fuller and satisfied, while processed and junk foods keep...Read More

How to Control Overeating

Are you tired of your binge eating habit? Do you find yourself giving into temptation to gorge down delicious food and before you can control its too late and the damage of consuming excessive calories is already done. Why do we find ourselves making the same mistake over and over again and how can you...Read More

How to Control In-between Meal Snacking

We ensure that most of our meals are healthy. The problem comes when we crave food in between meals. If you feel hungry so often then you certainly need to watch out as eating more  food whether healthy or junk leads to weight gain. The biggest trouble with in between snacking is that one craves something that is...Read More