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Find informative articles on Nutrition, related to health. Stay updated with the latest and most comprehensive information related to Nutrition.

The Nutrients your Body Needs Every Day

A healthy and balanced diet is the key to a healthy body. But a balanced diet should include a variety of nutrients. Below is a list of nutrients and their sources, and their recommended daily values.   -Calcium: It is a vital nutrient for the body as it helps in providing strength to your bones....Read More

Anjeer (Figs) and Weight Loss

Fiction: Anjeer (Figs) are good for weight loss. Fact: Anjeer or dried figs are nutritious, but they may not be the healthiest food option for weight loss. Dried figs provide higher calorie count than fresh figs for the same weight. 100 gm of dried figs provide approximately 220 calories. Apart from that, figs are also sweet and...Read More

Tips to Beat Post Meal Sugar Cravings

Most people crave something sweet post their meals. You don’t need to have a sweet tooth to develop this habit but this can be one of the key reasons that could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Eating something sweet is an acquired habit and that’s what makes it that much more easy to undo....Read More

Probiotics for Weight Loss

Our digestive system has over 500 different types of bacteria living in it which are responsible for the health of our intestines and assist in digesting food. We suffer from digestive disorders when the balance of these bacterias in the intestines is disturbed. This could be due to any number of reasons like an infection or...Read More

Are Juices Healthier Than Fruits?

Fiction: Juices are healthier than fruits. Fact: People often believe that juices are healthier than fruits, but the fact is that when you extract juice from a fruit, it reduces most of the fibre content. So while the juice does give you vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants along with carbohydrates you don’t get the rich fibre. Fibre is...Read More

Are Almonds Good for Weight Loss?

Fiction: Almonds are not good for weight loss. Fact: Nuts in general acquire a bad name because they have high fat content. There are two kind of fat – saturated fat (bad) and unsaturated fat (good). Almonds are high in unsaturated fats, the same type of healthy fats found in olive oil. They are packed...Read More

Are Low Fat “Baked” Snacks & Diet Namkeens Healthy?

Fiction: Low fat “baked” snacks and diet namkeens are healthy. Fact: Baked snacks are the latest to hit the aisles of the grocery stores, along with diet namkeens. They may be better as compared to fried ones, but to compensate for being fried, some snacks include added carbohydrates, which mean that even if the fat content has...Read More

Do Sugars Found in Fruits Help to Lose Weight?

Fiction: Fruit has sugar and it is bad for weight loss. Fact: Fruit tastes sweet. All naturally sweet foods contain some form of sugary carbohydrates. Sugar can make you gain weight, so people wonder if it’s okay to eat fruits or not when trying to lose weight. People fail to realize is that the natural sugars found...Read More

Do Potatoes Help to Lose Weight?

Fiction: Potatoes don’t help to lose weight. Fact: The general belief is that potatoes make you fat. Well, that is not the case. In fact, you can eat potato to lose weight! Potatoes contain resistant starch which helps slim down and improve digestion by resisting immediate digestion, thus keeping you full the same way fibre does. Also,...Read More

All Salads are Not Healthy

Fiction: All salads are healthy. Fact: Most people as a part of their self medicated weight loss plan eat salad and yet don’t lose weight. The reason is simple! It is not that the salads are not a healthy option but some salads might carry double the amount of calories than Hours of very. Your...Read More

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