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Is this Childhood Habit Leading to Obesity?

Obesity is becoming a global epidemic. The rising rates of obesity are of great concern globally, since it is adding to the ever rising health costs for governments. In fact, eating healthy and exercising since childhood has been identified as an effective way to prevent certain metabolic syndromes in adulthood.

Obesity has many adverse health effects which have a lifelong impact, and it is being recognized as a serious public health concern. It has both immediate and long term adverse health effects and is something that has to be tackled from childhood. A research study has found out how a certain wrong eating habit in childhood may lead to obesity and health problems in adulthood.

In childhood, the meal which generally gets skipped or get substituted the with unhealthy food, is breakfast. Scientifically, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is often said that breakfast is important for our health, and a study conducted by Umeå University in Sweden, published in Public Health Nutrition supports this claim.

The study also claims that adolescents who ate poor breakfast or skipped breakfast regularly displayed a higher incidence of metabolic syndrome 27 years later, compared with those who ate more substantial and healthy breakfasts.

Poor breakfast leads to a lack of supply of essential nutrients when the body requires it the most. This poor breakfast habit can open the doors to numerous health diseases later on in life, such as metabolic syndromes. Metabolic Syndromes comprise of numerous problems like abdominal obesity, heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes. Thus, the importance of a healthy substantial breakfast, with overall healthy eating habits and regular physical activity should be inculcated in children to prevent them from suffering later on in their lives.

In a Swedish study it was found that those who did not eat a proper breakfast as children, or skipped it entirely, had a 68 per cent higher likelihood of being diagnosed with a metabolic syndrome. Also on the other hand, researchers found that children who are in the habit of skipping breakfast also tend to be overweight. Specialist Researcher Marja-Leena Ovaskainen from the National Institute of Health and Welfare states that Finnish studies have also found direct links between poor breakfast and gaining weight, in particular.

Yes, poor breakfast or skipping breakfast in childhood can lead to obesity and other health problems in the near future, or later on in life. So, it should be a priority to inculcate healthy lifestyle habits (importance of breakfast, eating healthy and physical activity) in children from their younger days.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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