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Airtel Kolkata Marathon 2009 is here!

Finally, the 2009 Airtel Kolkata Marathon is here. It will be held on Sunday, February 22, 2009.

There are 3 events:
1. Men’s Marathon (42.195 km): This event starts at 7 a.m.
2. Women’s Run (10.5 km): This run starts are 7.10 a.m.
3. SAIL Celebrity Run (4.2 km): This run starts at 7.30 a.m.

Airtel Kolkata Marathon 2009 (waydin@flickr)

From our experience of athletic events, we suggest getting there at least an hour early, since there is chaos with parking, and so many people participating in the event.

The total prize money for the 2009 run is INR 1.1 million. The winner of the Men’s Marathon will get INR 320,000. The winner of the Women’s Run will receive INR 110,000. More details on the prize money awards at Kolkata Marathon 2009.

The website claims that over 20,000 participants will be taking part, making it the largest marathon in eastern India. Considering that there isn’t any other metro in eastern India, that’s not a tough feat for Calcutta.

There is no information on how to register and participate in the Kolkata Marathon :) but they’ve provided their contact information. The title of the website still says Kolkata Marathon 2007. Not even Kolkata Marathon 2008, let alone 2009 :)

We think its odd to have separate runs for men and women? Most of the other marathon events, like the Delhi Marathon, or others in India do not have events that separate men and women. What if there are women who want to run the full marathon? What if there are men who want to run 10.5 km, instead of having to choose between either the full marathon of 42+ km, or the celebrity run of 4.2 km? What do you think?

Regardless, the route for the Airtel Kolkata Marathon 2009 goes through the regal Red Road- it has been the iconic pleasurable driving experience in Calcutta for many years. Running on it would be cool.

Here is a list of winners for Kolkata Marathon 2009, and Women’s Run winners for the Kolkata Marathon 2009.

This is the 5th year of the Kolkata Marathon, starting in 2005. Watch out for information on the Airtel Kolkata Marathon 2010!

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— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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Mumbai Marathon 2009 Results – Kenyans Rule Again: Understand Why

Here are the Mumbai 2009 Marathon results. Kenyans ruled once again, like the Delhi Half Marathon. Read our previous article, to understand why Kenyans dominate when it comes to marathons.

Marathon overall: Men:
1. Kenneth Mungara (Ken) 2:11.51;
2. David Tarus (Ken) 2:12:02;
3. John Kelai (Ken) 2:12:23.

Photo- Kenyans dominate Mumbai Marathon

Marathon overall: Women:
1. Haille Kebebush (Eth) 2:34:08;
2. Marta Marcos (Eth) 2:34:15;
3. Irne Mogaka (Ken) 2:37:28.

Marathon (Indians): Men:
1. Ram Singh Yadav (11th overall) 2:18:03;
2. Deep Chand Saharan (21st overall) 2:26:01;
3. Narender Singh (23rd overall) 2:26:41.

Marathon (Indians): Women:
1. L Aruna Devi (22nd overall) 3:09:59;
2. Indresh Dhiraj (25th overall) 3:14:13,
3. Leelamma Alphanso (26th overall) 3:16:26.

Half Marathon: Men:
1. Surender Singh (Ind) 1:06:09;
2. Santosh Kumar (Ind) 1:08:08;
3. B.C. Tilak (Ind) 1:08:35.

Half Marathon: Women:
1. Kavita Raut (Ind) 1:20:58;
2. Preethi Rao (Ind) 1:21.23;
3. Vaishali Chatare (Ind) 1:26:45

Congratulations to all the winners!

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Nutrition Tips for Peak Performance – Before the Marathon

There are plenty of marathons and long distance running events (list of running events in India). You might be training for it, or probably know someone who is. As important as training for it is, its equally important to get your nutrition right. Incorrect nutrition can complete destroy your performance.

Here are some nutrition tips that help you build stamina and improve performance.

We’ll break the nutrition down into 2 parts based on its timing- The first one is before the run, and the second is during and after the run. Here we’ll focus on the nutrition before the run. We personally rate the nutrition before the run as the most important, since it lays the foundations for your energy requirements:

1. Dinner: On the night before the big run, have a carbohydrate rich dinner, like pasta or rice. The surplus carbohydrates are stored in your body and are used to supply glycogen to your muscles during the run.

2. Hydration: About 1.5 hours before the run, drink a litre of water. This water will hydrate your body. The timing is important, since it gives your body enough time to process the water out. That way, you’re standing at the start line, not the line for the toilets.

3. Pre Run Breakfast: Breakfast anyway rules as the most important meal of the day. On your run day, its even more important since you need it to fuel you through the run. Eat a good breakfast with lots of slow release carbohydrates, some protein and low fat. Eat this meal atleast 45-60 minutes before the run. An example would be oatmeal with low fat milk and a banana. Fast release carbohydrates (sugary) are not recommended since it can cause a sugar low, and impede performance at the start of the race. Some protein is good to feed your muscles. Fat free is not important, but low fat is- Fat takes longer to digest so it will sit in your belly, make you feel heavy, and affect your performance.

4. Vitamin B: Pop a Vitamin B with your pre marathon breakfast. Your body uses Vitamin B to produce energy. For long runs and workouts, your body needs to produce extra energy and stamina, and a Vitamin B will help with that.

5. Sleep: Last but not the least, get 8-9 hours of sleep before your run. Sleep has lots of benefits. Your body should be completely well rested to perform in a long run.

All this nutrition should get you in good shape till before your run. Also know about nutrition tips after marathon focuses on the nutrition during and after the run. See our tips to run better.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

List of Marathons & Running Events in India

Marathons are now held all over India. Ranging from 5-10 k runs, we have plenty of marathons and even ultra marathons in India- We have large running events in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Auroville.

Delhi has in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. In 2008, it was held on Nov 9. There are 5 events-the half marathon, the dream run, the senior citizens event, the veterans run and the wheelchair event.

Mumbai has the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.


Chennai also has a running culture. Check out more on the Chennai Marathon

Hyderabad has its share of running culture with 10k mini marathon and half marathon events. More at Hyderabad10K website

Bangalore has an ultra marathon (52 km)! Its the only one that we know of in India. They’ve already done 2 ultra marathons in 2007 and 2008.

Pune has its Pune International Marathon

Kolkata has the Airtel Kolkata Marathon. They have 3 events- Marathon (42 km), Ladies Run (10.2 km) and a Fun Run (4.2 km).

Auroville started its marathon in 2008. Check out the Auroville Marathon site here.

Last but not the least, in the Great Tibetian Marathon. This marathon every year in the summer, on the plateau of Leh Ladakh. With the low oxygen levels, we rate this as the toughest marathon in India, and the coolest marathon in India, in more ways than one : ) Running in the Himalayas would be such a unique experience!

Kudos to all these people making efforts to growing a running culture to India! Are there any others that we’ve missed? Any runs in your city? Please contact us to let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

For the running uninitiated, here is a distance definition of various runs:
- Its a total distance of 26.2 miles (approx 42 kms)
Half Marathon
- Very intuitively, it is 13.1 milees (approx 21 kms)
Ultra Marathon
- Anything covering a distance of more than a marathon is an ultra marathon.

For tips to start running, or to run better, check out our series of articles on running tips

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2008 Results- Why East African athletes dominate

This year Ethiopian runners won the event, for both men and women. The top 10 finishers for both men and women were dominated by international runners from Kenya and Ethiopia. Wonder why they produce the best long distance runners in the world? Read on to find out.


1. Deriba Merga (ETH) 59:15 (new event record)
2. Wilson Kipsang (Ken) 59:16
3. Wilson Chebet (KEN) 59:34
4. Regassa Tilahun (Jr/ETH) 1:00:28
5. Tadesse Tola (ETH) 1:00:45
6. Dieudonne Disi (RWA) 1:00:47
7. Kiplimo Kimutai (KEN) 1:00:58
8. Joseph Maregu (KEN) 1:01:03
9. Eshetu Wondimu (ETH) 1:01:04
10. William Chebon Chebor (KEN) 1:01:17

Overall Women
1. Asefelech Mergia (ETH) 1:08:17
2. Genet Getanah (ETH) 1:08:18
3. Peninah Arusei (KEN) 1:08:20
4. Atsede Habtamu (ETH) 1:09:37
5. Ashim Kasim (ETH) 1:10:19
6. Tiki Gelana (ETH) 1:10:22
7. Pauline Njeri (KEN) 1:10:23
8. Mare Dibaba (ETH) 1:10:28
9. Pauline Wangui (KEN) 1:10:36
10. Tigist Tufa (ETH) 1:10:41

Best Indians runners:

1. Sandeep Kumar 1:04:48
2. Kashinath Aswale 1:04:52
3. Deep Chand 1:04:56
4. Irrappa Akki 1:05:07
5. Surendra Singh 1:05:28
6. Lengoi Binning 1:05:28

1. Kavita Raut 1:17: 12
2. Preethi L Rao 1:17:20
3. Sudha Singh 1:17:39
4. Vivek Suba 1:18:02
5. Kiran Tiwari 1:21:51
6. Manjusha C. A. 1:23:21

World over, Kenyan runners have dominated the long distance running scene. Wonder why? There are a number of theories on this. The vast majority of Kenya’s brightest running stars were born and raised at high altitude. Running at higher elevations builds greater lung capacity, because athletes grow accustomed to the thinner air. Many of the finest runners, for example, hail from the hilly region surrounding Eldoret, about 7,000 to 8,000 feet above sea level. This area also possesses a fairly mild climate that allows for year-round running. If altitude alone determined distance-running success, of course, then Nepalese marathoners would dominate. So, perhaps a more important factor is the nation’s running culture, particularly among the Kalenjin tribe. Though Kalenjins represent just 12 percent of Kenya’s population, they comprise about three-quarters of the nation’s elite runners.

Besides the culture of this particular tribe, there is another factor- there are two kinds of muscle fibers in the body- fast twitch and slow twitch. Fast twitch muscles are the ones that are used for short bursts of powerful movements. Slow twitch muscles are the ones that are used for exertion over long sustained time periods. East Africans are born with a 70-75 percent of slow twitch muscle fibers.

At the end of the day, victory goes beyond your genes. Its a lot of hard work and training that goes into it. But when you reach the level of elite athletes, genetic differences can give you the edge.

Either way, we need to find those genes that can help Indians excel in sport :)

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2009 Information

The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon – Race day is January 18, 2009.
Race information about events and prizes are below:

There are five events:

Distance: 42.195 km; Age eligibility: born on or before 17.01.1991
Registration Fees: Rs 300 for Indian citizens. Marathon Route is here

Half Marathon
Distance: 21.09 km; Age eligibility: born on or before 17.01.1991
Registration Fees: Rs 300 for Indian citizens. Half marathon Route is here

Dream Run
Distance: 6 km; Age eligibility: born on or before 17.01.1997
Registration Fees: Rs 300 for Indian citizens. Dream Run Route is here.

Senior Citizens Run
Distance: 4.3 km; Age eligibility: born on or before 17.01.1949
Registration Fees: Rs 200 for Indian citizens. Route is here.

Wheelchair Event
Distance: 2.5 km; Age eligibility: born on or before 17.01.1997
Registration Fees: Rs 200 for Indian citizens. Route is here.

Unfortunately, registration started on July 2, 2008 and ended on August 30, 2008

Mumbai Marathon – tunali@flickr

Route Information: [update] This information was recently updated. Please look above for the links to route maps for all events of the Mumbai Marathon 2009.  Its surprising that even though registrations have closed, the routes have not been published. Very similar to the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2008, where the routes were published 24 days before the run.

Need motivation to participate? Total prize money is a respectable USD $250,000 (considering the exchange rate of 50 INR, I’d say its good enough to make me run)

For the full Mumbai marathon 2009, prize categories include Top 13 overall runners- men and women, Top 5 Indian runners- men and women, Top 3 veteran finishers- men and women, Top 2 Sr. Veterans and top 2 Super Sr. Veterans. For the half marathon, its the top 5 male and female overall finishers, Top 3 veteran finishers- men and women, Top 2 Sr. Veterans and top 2 Super Sr. Veterans.

If the money doesn’t matter, then you get serious bragging rights! And you get your photo splashed all over the newspaper.

For some motivation, check out our previous post. I’m yet to run a full marathon, but I definitely have it on my to do list.

Running is one of the best ways to burn fat and lose those love handles and that belly fat. It helped me show that elusive six pack! Besides this, running has a lot of physical benefits.

For tips on running better, here they are: Tips to Run Better Part 1, Tips to Run Better Part 2, Tips to Run Better Part 3.

To get more info on the StanChart Mumbai Marathon 2009, check this out.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo