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Stop walking to lose weight!

Once you cross your mid 20s, most people who think about weight loss, first try to fix it through diet only, since that seems simple. If that doesn’t work, they try to do walk off the weight! If you’re one of those people trying to stay fit by walking, our guess is that you’ve been walking for a while now, but your weight is stagnant.  Wonder why? No its not your age, or genetics, or your body chemistry..

You’re not losing weight because you’re walking! Walking is a really light exercise. When you first start walking, you might lose some weight, since your body is not used to any exercise. But within a month of walking exercise, your body gets used to walking. So, walking the same distance is less strenous- as a result, you burn fewer calories.

So, how can you lose weight by jogging/running? Simple .. do some more strenous exercise, like running (or jogging.. same thing). Running will not only burn upto 40% more calories for the same distance, but it helps to build muscle… along with a host of other running benefits. Read this articles to see running weight loss benefits how running is better than walking!

Is there an age limitation to jog/run? No, there is no limitation. You could be over 50 and run on a regular basis. As you get older, your metabolic rate slows down, so to avoid putting on weight, you need to work harder at it.

Along with exercise, its also important to watch your diet. Get a proper diet plan to manage your weight, and get some exercise to keep yourself strong.



— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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Is walking good for weight loss?

Walking is boring. It takes so long, and we believe that unless you don’t have a physical limitation holding you back from running, you should not be walking. Start running.

There are so many reasons to start running now- we’ve listed a few for you:

Burn calories while you rest: Running raises your metabolic rate, so you burn calories even while you rest. So you burn calories while watching TV, while sleeping, even while taking a shower!

Walking good for weight loss?

Build great leg muscles: Running can build muscle in your legs- gives you great calves, quads and butt muscles- your way to look good in shorts : ) Also, it increases in your body’s muscle. Muscle burns calories just to maintain itself, so your burn even more calories.

Running can improve posture: When you run correctly, it helps to work the muscles in your lower back and core. As a result, it can improve your general posture, while burning fat. Since many of us have belly fat and fat around the lower back and hips, running can help you lose that also.

Running suppresses appetite- Researchers found that running for over 60 minutes lowers levels of the hormone, Ghrelin (appetite increasing hormone), and increases levels of the hormone Peptide YY (appetite suppressing hormone). So, you probably won’t be scarfing down a huge meal after a good run!

Look hot: With all the fat you lose, the muscle you build, you only get hotter!

Save time: When you run, you do the same amount of work in lesser time. So, you burn calories faster, and you save time to do anything else that you want.

Need a place to run in Delhi? Here’s a list- Siri Fort Sports Complex, Jahanpanah City Forest, Lodhi Garden, Hauz Khas Deer Park. These are all in South Delhi and Central Delhi.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Running Burns Calories While You Rest

Wonder if you should start running? The New Scientist magazine reported that a Yale University study showed that endurance athletes, such as long-distance runners, burn up extra calories even when at rest- while your reading a book, watching TV, sleep or just hanging with friends.

Photo- Runners burn more fat (mingfong@flickr)

Mitochondria is the part of a cell which convert sugar and fat into ATP molecules, which transport energy within cells. The study showed that the mitochondria in the cells of men who run (treadmills or outside) for four or more hours each week, use 54% more fuel than the mitrochondria of non-runners.

When the mitrochondria uses sugar and fat, this helps to clear out cellular fats that may contribute to insulin resistance. This research suggests that, even when at rest, running plays an important role in helping to protect against type 2 diabetes, as well as helping to burn fat.

4 hours a week is not that much. Break it into 6 days- that’s 40 minutes a day, with rest on one day of the week :) So, get those running shoes out and start running. We’ve got all the tips to start running.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Running Tips and Hazards in India

As bizarre as it might seem, running in India is unique in certain ways as compared to running in the West. So, here are a few tips for people who plan to start running in India: 1. Street Running is not easy: In most residential areas of cities or towns, sidewalks/footpaths are blatantly missing. If there are sidewalks, then they might be potholed or covered with parked cars or stalls. They can start and stop abruptly, and you can’t run on the road which takes us to the next point.

2. No runner-friendliness: People are not runner friendly. If you’re running on the road, cars will honk at you, they will try to whiz past you and not give you much space. Basically its not a good experience. But there is a rationale to it- running on the road might have been acceptable in a place where there isn’t so much of a fight for space. The roads in India are already congested with cars, trucks, autos, bikes, cycles, people and cows. So, everyone on the road is already fighting for their space. Now, you add runners to the mix. Clearly, they will not be welcomed. Now, we can understand not being runner friendly on the road, but we’ve experienced this in parks also. Walking is a huge health phenomenon in India. So most parks have walkers in them, but many of these walkers are here for a social activity, where they meet friends, family, etc. Since there might be upto 6 in a group of walkers, and talking in the main exercise, they’re all grouped up on the running routes and trails. So to pass by them, you would have to break up the group. But then there are many old uncles and aunties who refuse to budge and try to stare you down for asking them to give way. 3. Small Parks: There are few park trails covering significant distances. In Delhi, the longest running park route, is Jahanpanah City Forest- almost 7 km, in the middle of busy south Delhi. Even better about the Jahanpanah City Forest is that since its such a long trail, there aren’t too many walkers : ) In Calcutta, the longer running trails might be around Victoria Memorial and the Lake Gardens (again, very congested with unfriendly walkers). 4. Heat: Most of you know this, but it is unbearably hot in the most places in India, for most of the year. Here are running tips for hot Indian weather. Though winters are perfect for running outside. 5. Pollution: Pollution levels are high in the big Indian cities/towns. So, that makes running on the roads even tougher, since they have the highest concentration of pollution levels. Also, running in the day is tough, since pollution levels are at their peak then. Recent study showed that running by a polluted road increases your pollutant intake upto 8 times, as compared to if you were walking on the road These factors make a difference, but at the end of the day we want to run, so we figure out a way to get around them. We don’t run on the streets. We’ve found good running tracks in Delhi parks. Run to avoid the heat, or just hydrate really well if its very hot. And running in parks, you feel the pollution less. If you have any tips on running, or would like to share your experiences, please leave comments for us and our readers.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Exercise/Activity To Burn Off A Slice Of Chocolate Cake

We all love chocolate cake. Its hard not to give in and clean up 2 slices of rich truffle cake. How much exercise do you need to burn off rich chocolate cake? Let’s find out..

airdrie.m @ flickr

Chocolate cake can really vary in their calorific value, depending on how they’re made. They can be loaded with oil/butter and sugar and all the chocolaty goodness. So, we’ll take a simple chocolate cake with some icing and cream- the standard birthday stuff. One slice of this cake has a calorific value of 200-400 calories. Now, don’t go and eat a whole Mississippi mud pie and assume it was one serving. We’re talking just one slice of chocolate cake. No ice cream included. Also, a slice is very subjective. Lets take a cake piece that’s 250 calories. Say you land up eating 2 pieces of cake. That’s 500 calories.

Burning up a 100 calories is no big deal- a 1 mile run will take care of it. But 500 calories, now that’s a bit of a task.

To burn 500 calories, you need to do either of the following:

  • row for 55 minutes,
  • run 5 miles,
  • box for 45 minutes
  • one hour intense aerobics class.

Now that we all know the effort it takes to burn off those 2 delicious pieces of cake, maybe you’ll think twice before wolfing them down at the next birthday party :)

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo