Jogging Outside To Lose Fat

Jogging Outside To Lose Fat

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Stop walking to lose weight!

Once you cross your mid 20s, most people who think about weight loss, first try to fix it through diet only, since that seems simple. If that doesn’t work, they try to do walk off the weight! If you’re one of those people trying to stay fit by walking, our guess is that you’ve been...Read More

Is walking good for weight loss?

Walking is boring. It takes so long, and we believe that unless you don’t have a physical limitation holding you back from running, you should not be walking. Start running. There are so many reasons to start running now- we’ve listed a few for you: Burn calories while you rest: Running raises your metabolic rate,...Read More

Running Burns Calories While You Rest

Wonder if you should start running? The New Scientist magazine reported that a Yale University study showed that endurance athletes, such as long-distance runners, burn up extra calories even when at rest- while your reading a book, watching TV, sleep or just hanging with friends. Mitochondria is the part of a cell which convert sugar...Read More

Running Tips and Hazards in India

As bizarre as it might seem, running in India is unique in certain ways as compared to running in the West. So, here are a few tips for people who plan to start running in India: 1. Street Running is not easy: In most residential areas of cities or towns, sidewalks/footpaths are blatantly missing. If...Read More

How to Enjoy The Chocolate Cake and Stay Slim?!

Be it birthdays or anniversaries, nothing says congratulations better than a chocolate cake. Everyone loves it and it gets gobbled up as soon as the first cut is initiated. It is not hard to finish off as much as is served to you or even more if luck favours it. The only feeling which overtakes...Read More