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Are Vegetable Soups Healthy

Soups are often categorized by general people as non-fattening or healthy foods. But are they as healthy as they are known to be. Popularly soups can be divided into two groups: clear and thick soup. Clear soup are generally more healthy as they have the least amount of calories while thick soups are usually contain a lot of starch, sometimes cream and other high carbohydrate ingredients.

Lentil Soup (Cr/freedigital)

To help you further explain the difference clear soups do not contain anything else except for the strained liquid. Any liquid that has vegetables, meats or even noodles is considered a thick soup.

A bowl of clear soup can help you lose weight. This doesnt mean that you get on a only soup diet. It means that adding a bowl of clear soup before your meal can help you prevent from overeating while adding important nutrition. A clear vegetable soup contains vitamins & minerals while a bowl of non-vegetarian clear soup has zinc, protein besides vitamins & minerals.

Vegetables and poultry can be added to your soup to make it a healthy meal but it might add to the calories count of the food. You can then prepare the soup with enough vegetables and poultry to work as  a substitute for a meal. While it control the calories it adds the correct amount of essential nutrition to the diet. Also often soups especially served in restaurant carry cornflour, high sodium to make it more appetizing also add empty calories to the soup. High sodium content in the soup often results in water retention leaving one feel bloated.

While eating out choose the healthier soup option to avoid putting on weight and adding empty calories to the diet. Following ingredients that are often added to the soup like milk, cream, butter are fattening and should be avoided.Avoid packed and processed soups as they are high in sodium and contain no antioxidant properties.

To summarize it stick to clear soups that are made of clear, strained broth. If you want to add vegetables & meat to your soup then make the soup as your meal and not an appetizer, incase you are watching your weight. Check the ingredients of the soup before ordering. If you can ask the chef to prepare you a clear vegetable soup without any corn flour and low salt in it.

Hope this article helps you chose better while eating out or wondering what can be eaten when you are on a weight loss program.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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Breakfast Options that are not so Healthy

We have always emphasized on breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Healthy breakfast not only nourishes the body but also is very effective for weight loss. Some people eat unhealthy breakfast which not only adds empty calories but depletes the body of daily nutrition intake. Eating junk food, deep fried, fattening foods will only promote weight gain and keep you feeling heavy and sluggishness all through the day. Let us pin point some of the not so healthy breakfast options that are eaten by most of us and at times even considered healthy.

Toast with jam and butter(Cr/freedigital)

Corn Toast with cheese: The corn and cheese toast is made of a white sauce batter that has corn and cheese added to it. The white sauce batter is made out of white flour and contains no nutrition, while corn is nothing but starch. Mostly white bread is used as the base of this toast which is again an unhealthy option.

Parantha: Many people have a habit of eating paranthas for breakfast (more…)

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Which is The Healthiest Orange Juice Brand?

Fruit is always better than the juice. But we all love Orange Juice. Store bought orange juice is mostly sugar loaded, but there are some options that are healthier. Ever wondered, which is the healthiest? Here, we give you a lowdown on the good and the bad of healthy orange juices, and the Fitho choice for Orange Juice!

Photo- Orange juice (pricklebush@flickr)

We considered the leading orange juice brands in India- Tropicana, Real, Activ and MinuteMaid Pulpy Orange.

Both Activ and Tropicana took an immediate lead over Minute Maid and Real, since they had no added sugar. Their ingredients were primarily water and orange juice concentrate. Between Activ and Tropicana, Activ had marginally higher Calcium content, and Tropicana had more Potassium.

Product ingredients are listed in order of decreasing weight. Real’s ingredient list is- water, orange juice concentrate, sugar, etc. For Minute Maid, it is- water, sugar, orange juice, etc.
Minute Maid has more sugar than Orange Juice, in its ‘Pulpy Orange’ drink!

Between the Tropicana and Activ, we liked the taste of Tropicana better. So, the Fitho choice for Orange Juice is Tropicana.

Below is the nutritional info for all 4 Orange Juices
Tropicana: 48 cal; 11 gms Sugar, Vitamin C- 16 mg, Potassium- 170 mg, Calcium- 18 mg. No added sugar.
Real Activ: 48 cal; 12 gms Sugar, Vitamin C-  20 mg, Potassium- 86 mg, Calcium- 18 mg. No added sugar
: 56 cal; 13 gms Sugar, Vitamin C- 12.5 mg, Potassium- 70 mg, Calcium- 5 mg. Contains added sugar.
Minute Maid: 42 cal; 10.5 gm Sugar (no more info). Contains added sugar

Note that most packaging is more than 100 ml. The smallest we found was 200 ml. Most of us consume a whole package, so be careful of how many calories you’re taking in. Still, the fruit is better than the juice, so go for that!

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Which is the Healthiest Mango drink?

Mangoes are a summer obsession in India, and so we love our mango drinks as well. Mango fruit is healthy but much sugar is added in mango drinks. In fact, see our previous post on the new Frooti ad – made us wonder if Frooti drinkers are unhealthy. But if you still want to drink them, know which one is the healthiest (least damaging to your belly). We took the leading names- Frooti, Maazaand Slice.

Healthiest Mango

Per 100 ml of serving, Frooti has 61 calories and 14 gms of carbohydrates. Maaza was slightly higher at 65 calories and 16 gms of carbohydrates, and Slice had the highest calorie count at 73 calories and 18 gms of carbohydrates. All had minimal amounts of Vitamin A.

Inredients on packaging are listed by weight. The main ingredients for these drinks are water, mango pulp and sugar. For all 3, the first was water. The second, was the game changing one- Frooti and Maaza listed mango pulp, while Slice listed sugar are the second ingredient. Basically, that means that Slice has more added sugar than mango pulp in their drink, whereas Frooti and Maaza have more mango pulp than sugar.

Between the three popular mango drinks, Frooti, Maaza and Slice- Frooti is Fitho’s top choice! Maaza at a close second, and Slice at the bottom of the list.

Again, regardless of the winner, note that we take 100 ml as one serving. The small tetra packs are 200 ml and the bottles are at about 600 ml. So, if you drink a 600 ml bottle of frooti, you’ve just consumed about 370 calories, and 84 gms of sugar! Due to the excessive sugar in mango drinks, it can make you feel bloated- excessive sugar consumption increases water retention in the body.

As we always say, fruit is better than the drink :) Mango drinks are loaded with sugar, that promotes fat gain. Due to the high sugar content of mango drinks, none of these are recommended for diabetics.

Below is the nutritional information for all 3:
: 61 cal, 14 gm carbohydrates
Ingredients: Water, Mango pulp, Sugar
Maaza: 65 cal, 16 gm carbohydrates, vitamin A and calcium
Ingredients: Water, Mango pulp, Sugar
Slice: 73 cal, 18 gm carbohydrates,
Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Mango pulp

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo