High Calorie Cocktails

High Calorie Cocktails

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How Many Daily Calories Do I Need?

Do you know your body’s daily calorie requirement? All labels provide exact calorie counts and fat content in food servings. You know how many calories in your drinks. You might also know how calories you burn through exercise. But do you know how many calories you should be eating to lose weight, or how many...Read More

Is there Fat in Drinks and Condiments

Previously, we told you if there is fat in fruits and vegetables and if there is fat in foods like chicken, egg whites, flour, etc. Here we’ll tell you which drinks and condiments that have no or extremely low fat content. Alcohol: Alcohol by itself is primarily like sugar. So, even though it does not...Read More

5 Unhealthiest Cocktail Drinks

Some cocktails are delicious, but many of those alcoholic drinks (and mocktails) are calorie loaded. Besides the alcohol, they are also loaded with sugar filled mixes. So, here’s our list of the 5 highest calorie cocktails, with the unhealthiest first … 1. The Long Island Iced Tea: We’ve all had these, but see what goes...Read More

Lose Weight at the Bar- Drinking Strategies

Have you ever been to a bar, and seen someone really hot, but they always look like they’re drinking? Ever wondered how they are that way even though they’re pounding down the alcohol and still look so good, while you’re working your ass of in the gym, and still have that extra fat! In the...Read More