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Healthy Snacks For Adults

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Find informative articles on Healthy Snacks For Adults, related to health. Stay updated with the latest and most comprehensive information related to Healthy Snacks For Adults.

Guavas build immunity

Along with apples, another delicious and nutritious winter fruit is the guava. Its high in fiber, but its Vitamin C content is what is out of the ordinary. Orange is the fruit synonymous with Vitamin C- but a guava contains 5 times the amount of vitamin C as an orange. Its also high in potassium,...Read More

Apples reduce risk of cancer, heart disease

As the Indian summer is going away, apples are in season (as is running- you do know about the Delhi Half Marathon right?). Apples are delicious fruits and they provide a whole lot of nutrition. We’ve all heard that apples are good for you. Lets find out how. First, they’re loaded with fiber- both soluble...Read More

Health Benefits of Yogurt

Milk and Yogurt (curd) are the essential part of the recommended “healthy Indian diet”. We’ve all heard about the calcium in milk and yogurt and how it makes our bones stronger, but there are so many health benefits of Yogurt than having it only as a rich source of calcium. Can yogurt help you lose...Read More

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