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Is Your Weekend Binge Good For Health?

Many dieters don’t like what they see on the weighing scale on Mondays after an unhealthy meal and drinking session over the weekend. But according to a new study from Cornell University, the weekend binge can actually be part of a normal cycle of weight loss and you may actually gain from it, as it can even play a role in more long-term weight loss.

According to the study, weight loss occurs during the weekdays and the weight comes down its lowest number on Friday, which is just before the start of the weekend. But eating unhealthy on weekends, in moderation will not affect you negatively. You can enjoy a bar of chocolate, a cup of ice cream, your favorite pizza, burger or even your favorite drink. Enjoying your favorite food in moderation will not harm you, but regular binging definitely will. Cheating on your diet and exercise for a single meal or day in a week will not affect your weight loss. In fact it might be important to have that indulgent meal, in order to keep you going towards your weight loss goal.

If you have had unhealthy meals over the weekend, then try to follow these points to get back on the track:

1. Do not restrict yourself from food to cut back or make up for the calories you ate over the weekend. This will lead to starvation which in turn can result in overeating at meal times.

2. Drink enough water in your daily routine. Include 10-12 glasses of water in a day. Water keeps your body hydrated and will boost your metabolism.

3. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your routine. They will provide you with fiber which will keep you fuller for longer and provide you with good satiety value.

4. Workout for a minimum of 45 minutes for 5 days a week. You can also include jogging, hopping, cycling, kickboxing, etc in your routine.

5. Sleep for a minimum of 7-8 hours a day because lack of sleep can lead to disturbed physiology of your body which can affect your hormone levels and can be an obstacle in your weight loss goal.

Having a heavy meal once in a week will not adversely affect your weight loss goal but this is not an excuse to binge regularly. So maintain a good diet through the week and exercise regularly and there should be no reason for you to not lose weight.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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Health News – Is Diet Soda Bad For You

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— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo