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Healthy Food

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Find informative articles on Healthy Food, related to health. Stay updated with the latest and most comprehensive information related to Healthy Food.

Balanced Diet

We are all familiar with the concept of eating right. There is so much information about all sorts of healthy foods and their calorie value. There is enough being written about how vitamins are good for you and what are the rich sources of this nutrient. But rarely do we get to know the approximate...Read More

Are Mangoes Fattening Or Is Good For You?

Ever wonder if, if mangoes are fattening or is mango healthy and good for your health? Its mango season, so lets find out- A ripe mango is a soft fleshy fruit. Seems like mangoes would have high fat content. But the fat content in mango is minimal. There is not even 1 gm of fat...Read More

Biscuits can promote weight gain

In India, there is a common notion that biscuits are healthy food. Many people eat them as a part of their weight loss diet. But the truth is that they’re really not that healthy. Read on to find out more. The primary ingredients for biscuits are refined flour and sugar. Both sugar and refined flour...Read More

Recipe- Make unhealthy Samosas Healthy

Samosas are the ultimate moral war in the unhealthy world of Indian snacks. They are irresistible, but so unhealthy. If only there could be healthy samosas, life for many would be easy. Well, we have some good news- a recipe for you to make healthy samosas. We still haven’t found a place where you can...Read More

Chicken breast- Total fat burning, muscle food

In the world of muscle food, the chicken breast is held in high regard. Chicken breast without the skin, has a high protein content, very low fat and carbohydrate content. The protein helps to build some muscle. Chicken breast also contains a dose of vitamin B, which helps to metabolize food for energy in your...Read More

Hidden calories in fruit smoothies

Are you trying not to gain weight, and do you drink fruit smoothies, because you think they are healthy? Well, watch out! Many fruit smoothies contain added sugars and high-fructose corn syrup and are so high in calories, that they sabotage your diet, than help you lose weight. The key here really is in the...Read More

Potatoes nutrition- help weight loss

We all love potatoes! We know that potatoes are loaded with carbohydrates. Then, they’re often cooked in lots of oil and butter, so general belief is that they make us fat. So, do potatoes really make you fat? Recent study shows that you can eat potatoes and it could help you lose weight! The study...Read More

Fruity Yoghurt is calorie loaded

Do you eat those yoghurt and fruit cups assuming that they’re healthy? Well then, you need to watch out. The fruit and yoghurt cups sold in the stores are loaded with sugar- almost as much sugar as a soft drink. Sugar has a high glycemic index and promotes fat storage in your body. Yogurt has...Read More

Healthy Hair Diet

Wonder what’s a healthy hair diet? To get healthy hair, we’re all bombarded with shampoo and conditioner advertisements that promise to do wonders to your hair, make it heathy, strong, etc etc.. But do you ever wonder about this- Your hair grows from inside your scalp. Its health is decided before it actually grows out...Read More

Is your brain making you fat?

A new study found that when people don’t sense enough satisfaction from food, they overeat to compensate. It has to do with the brain’s please chemical, dopamine. Earlier research showed that overweight people have fewer dopamine receptors in the brain. With fewer dopamine receptors, it makes them more vulnerable to compulsively eat food and become...Read More

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